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Game freezes? Idk

I am really really REALLY curious to if anyone, not just me witnessed the game freezing ALOT. Okay, Example… I will be returning to the World Map from lets say a pvp fight. It will literally freeze my entire game and gives me (Gems of War is Not Responding) and last about 1-2 minutes. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE UNTIL ALL THESE MAGICAL WEIRD UPDATES! I have no idea how to fix it and i’ve never changed anything since. This happens to me when I go into Troops menu, freezes and have to wait, any changing of Tabs throughout the game it just freezes for me. I literally have no idea what else to do, and again this has NEVER happened before, until they release the way to fantasy updates for the UI. It’s just really frustrating.

What platform is this happening on?

Constantly freezes on mobile. I have to do GWs on PC because there’s no chance it’ll work on mobile.

This is Windows 10 Pc, and happens with Mobile on my Samsung tab s2. IDK WTF is going on

Right. It’s working fine for me on windows 10, but as I said mobile it’s a mess.

I don’t have a fix, but it’s not just you.

Yeah No idea what the heck it is, it’s not like a have an 02’ computer xD, should be running 100% fine like BEFORE the damn annoying update.

Same issues over here as well. Random freezes during battle & navigation.

PS4 ive noticed this occasionally. Selecting a troop to cast quickly after a move will not allow you to cast. Cancel then choose troop again and cast is available. Has anyone else noticed this? It’s always been smooth when farming quickly but this is very noticeable when it happens. Reset seems to fix it.

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same thing happens to me. i found out that dragonguard hero causing it. i stop using dragonguard team because it getting too annoying to restart the game over time.

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I’m on iOS and haven’t seen these freezes, however since the last update there are a lot more crashes.

It hasn’t bothered me too much because the crashes never occur during gameplay. Rather they seem to happen when moving from one part of the interface to another-- returning to the map after a match, entering PVP or Guild or Troops tab, and especially on starting up the game.

Besides that last one (on startup) I’ve noticed that the game crashes more often when I’ve been playing awhile, especially when I leave the game and return sometime later w/o a restart.

Although I’m only a novice programmer and know nothing about Unity, if I had to guess I’d say this indicates a memory-leak issue somewhere.

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I have this happen a lot too recently. I warned guild to take caution.

Also I noticed when promoting new ppl I can do the 1st 2 and then it freezes. I have to reset and then I can do the last promotion.

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After weekly reset I haven’t noticed it yet.

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