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Transition From pets to Troops

Nearly every time I complete a pet challenge and try to access the troops section, to access the pets, the game it
freezes. Majority of the time I have to restart the game. Asking for asistance please. Sorry if there is a post already pertaining to this, Maybe those much more familiar with this community forums, could assist in reporting this., if not, so be it.

Getting that too quite frequently. It’s not really a crash though, if you wait long enough it will eventually recover (sometimes taking several minutes). The game seems to be trying to contact the server when you open the Troops section, using the same communication channel as the global chat. It’s quite possible it’s just waiting for a chat roundtrip to finish, which can take ages with all the currently ongoing chat issues. Weirdly enough, the Hero section doesn’t seem to have this limitation.

I have resorted to restarting the game every half hour to avoid these freezes since the latest update.