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Why Pets are under "Troops"? Not under "Hero"

Just curious - pets affect hero’s appearance, wouldn’t it be more logical to put them into “Hero”? And they are not troops definitely.

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Same reason the Soul Forge is under “Games”. *eyeroll*

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Don’t forget “Guild” pet rescues are under “Games”.

Because you don’t “Ascend” pets it make more sense to put them in the same menu with Troops that you Ascend. /s

I agree they should be under “Hero” because clearly the Snow Bunny is a hero.:triumph:

But yeah I agree with the idea that it’s because they’re something we level/upgrade/ascend.

I’m thinking it’s because of the team bonuses? Being grouped in the troops menu lets you click over easier to see what teams you can get the extra bonuses for. It shows the pet in the bonus section as well as when you’re scouting PvP. That’s the only way I can rationalize it :woman_shrugging: I don’t care for level cap instead of ascending either. It’s terribly inconsistent, but so are many other things.


Here’s my guess:

I bet the “tabs” at the top don’t support scrolling. On my iPhone 8, on the Hero screen, they’re already scrunched so tight “Armor Bonus” barely fits. I can tell the size had to scale down a little to accomodate it, it’s slightly smaller than “Appearance” which also barely fits.

“Troops” had more room. So they put the pets there.