For those of us that didn't get selected - what was your troop idea

Interesting concept @Venar - not sure of the 100% destroy if second copy. How would a troop that has impervious as an trait _not affected by spells or Hidden react? (such as the wisps but OH would I love to have something that did this)

I meant Hidden, I fixed it.
I also picked destroyed and not devour so it kills impervious troops.

Basically, he quickly remove any double troop. After that he becomes less useful.

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For those that were not voted to continue on, come over and flush out your ideas :slight_smile: Love to here them.

Name:Time Oracle
Blighted Lands

Spell: Control “Z”
Sacrifice myself. Revert all allies and enemies, other than myself, back to their status and stat values that they were at the beginning of the last time I took a turn. Gain an extra turn.

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Been wondering why they don’t do a time revert - it’s code, you can store it in a buffer, and revert. It seems like it’s begging to be made!!!

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The Ballbag Sisters


Main Spell:
Ball-Ache - All enemies suffer from Double Jinx and matching gems no longer gives the actual colour matched (10% blah blah)

Itch - As the enemy becomes increasingly distracted, every enemy Mana-Surge goes to the player
Chafe - all enemies lose 2 random skill points on every enemy 4 or 5 match
Sweat - all enemies lose 3 health points on every enemy 4 or 5 match

That ones for you @Nephilim


Pmsl, what load of balls!

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Legendary / Khetar / Undead-Beast
Spell: Smash (14 green/brown)
Deal (magic+5)damage to all enemies and stun the first troop and knock it to the back
Traits: beast bond/impervious / pound chest- Gain +2 to all stats on 4 or 5 gem matches
Requires: Minor Nature, Arcane Forest Traitstones
Max stats: Attack - 45; Life - 22; Armor - 28 Magic - 10(When fully ascended and level 20)
Flavor Text: He ain’t monkeyin’ around


Name: Mufferfish
Kingdom: Blackhawk
Troop Type/lvl: Merfolk/Mech (epic)
Colors: Blue/Brown (12 mana)
Quote: “Of all the fish in the sea, I’m so glad you swam to me”

Spell - Gulp:
Transform all Blue Gems to Green and Submerge myself.
If I am damaged, destroy myself and deal [(Magic/2) +30] damage to the first enemy. (Magic:8 at lvl 20)

Venomous (Poison enemies when doing Skull damage)
Engulf/Flood (Deal double Skull damage vs. Submerged enemies) NEW TRAIT
Stealthy (Cannot be targeted by spells)

The pirates of Blackhawk found an ancient treasure map, showing the exact location of the forgotten kingdom of Merlantis. To Captain Skullbeard’s surprise, it was located right to the northwest of Blackhawk. What treasure of untold riches could they find there? What lurks below to guard it?
Captain Skullbeard went on an exploration mission and encountered a strange looking fish in Merlantis.
A deck hand captured it, but got bitten in the process. Apparently these little creatures were highly toxic and the deck hand quickly died from the poison! The captured fish must have been a Pufferfish, pet fish of the Merfolk who live here.
Knowing the Merfolk wouldn’t be too happy, Captain Skullbeard set sail back to Blackhawk to report his findings.

The pirates needed better weaponry if they were to claim treasure from Merlantis. Treasure they couldn’t stop thinking about. Lil’Johnny realized the potential of the Pufferfish and, armed with a hefty amount of gold, traveled to the kingdom of Adana.
Once there, he handed over the Pufferfish plus the gold and asked Sparkgrinder to manufacture a weapon based on the Pufferfish. Sparkgrinder couldn’t resist the gold and set his royal engineers to work. The result? A living sea mine in the form of a mechanical Pufferfish. Armed with sharp teeth and a huge amount of Tetrodotoxin, this sea mine would proof to be a great weapon for the pirates of Blackhawk. They could use them to protect their border or, even better, launch them with their ship cannons into enemy territory! Surely the Merfolk wouldn’t spot the difference with their own pet fish?
And so the Mufferfish were born. Mechanically engineered Pufferfish to fight the Merfolk and claim their Treasure.



  • Thematically, transforming blue gems stands for when Pufferfish quickly ingest (gulp) huge amount of water to grow several times their normal size. They do this to protect themselves.
    These gems are turned into green gems, because Pufferfish are extremely venomous. The green gems represent Poison.
    Submerge is pretty self-explanatory, both Pufferfish and sea mines are submerged below sea.

  • The second part of the spell is more about the sea mine aspect.
    “If i am damaged, destroy myself” was chosen because a sea mine explodes when it is approached.
    It doesn’t explode by itself, only until something comes in direct combat/contact with it.
    That’s why the “If i am damaged” condition was used.
    It will damage the first troop, because that represents the unit who is most likely to initiate contact.

  • Blue mana cost represents aquatic and Brown mana is used for the mechanical aspect and the fact that it’s a sea mine.


  • Submerge/Stealthy combo is used as a way to play around the destroy condition. Didn’t want the troop to be too easily countered and they make sense thematically.
  • Troop can be used in first position in a summoner team, purposefully triggering the self-destruct explosion for extra damage. Venomous and Engulf/Flood traits support this play style.
  • The existence of the Mechanist Hero is the reason for picking 12 mana and no mana link traits.
  • No troop exists yet that transforms all blue gems to green.

I decided against the idea of a Pufferfish eating sea mines, because it didn’t adequately fulfill the Mech fantasy. One could argue the troop is not really a Merfolk, but rather a Beast. Couldn’t pass on the idea though and I hope the background story shows enough of a link to Merfolk. You can find the original voting concept below:

This was my second troop idea, after the community decided on a Merfolk/Mech troop from Blackhawk.
The rules stated it was going to be an Epic Troop so design space was limited. Typically unique traits and spells are reserved for legendary and mythic troops.

To find out more about my first troop concept, Jack Lumber (Human, Maugrim Woods), click here:

Art presented is not my own and is merely used as a concept.


I wanted a yellow snow Guardian where he was on vacation to the land of the Giants and got caught in a mysterious rain :japanese_ogre: lol kinda silly but could invoke bio-hazard.

Second idea which i could not submit because the ability is not made yet a final fantasy type cactuar or maybe a hedgehog that had the ability of upset stomach. Long story short if it gets devoured you would hurt it for your max life directly to it life. If you had enough life left over after that you would still be alive afterwards with the remaining life. For example Karken ate hedgehog with 100 life and karken only had 50 life left karken now dies and hedgehog is left with 50 life. I personally think this would be a great card. Now if this was reversed and karken had the 100 life it would be left with only 50 life remaining and the hedgehog would be dead.

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I copy here my suggestions slightly changed from the obsolete ‘design-a-troop-competition’-thread:

Two troops for Merlantis:

Queen Mab’s sister:

Troop name: Lady of the Lake
Color: Purple/Blue
Mana Cost: 15
Special Ability: “Water Ward” Enchant the first ally. Remove freeze condition from all allies and give them 8 life. Renders all allies immune to freeze and mana burn until dispelled.
Type: Elemental

Trait 1: Bonus Mana for blue gem matching
Trait 2: Impervious
Trait 3: Fast

And the Mint Moray who makes overeaten beings explode:

Troop name: Mint Moray
Color: Brown/Blue
Mana cost: 12
Special ability: “The Final Mint Chocolate”: Deal 12 true damage to an enemy. Deal double damage if it uses brown mana. If the enemy troop has more than 80 life points and the ability to devour it explodes and is killed instantly.
Type: Monster

Trait 1: Immune to devour
Trait 2: Deal double damage with skulls to troops that use brown Mana.
Trait 3: Destroy a random green gem on 4 or 5 matches.

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While I didn’t post a suggestion because I missed the first part due to RL, I’ve digged out one of my favorite custom troops.

It’s a troop that gains power based on the amount of status effects in play on both teams (doesn’t matter if positive or negative)

Name: The Phantom
Darkstone Legendary
Color: Purple/Red
Mana Cost: 16
Effect: “No Escape”: Deal [0+Magic] damage to the last enemy boosted by ally and enemy status effects. Apply 1-2 random status effects to a chosen ally or enemy. (Boost Ratio: x2).

Trait 1: Warded (so this troop doesn’t die from self-applied death marks).
Trait 2: Stealthy (Lore-wise it is rumored that this guy doesn’t exist)
Trait 3: Reality Bends (Apply a random status effect to 1 ally and enemy on each 4 or 5 gem match)

Flavor Text: All of this happened because he got lost on his way to the opera.

It’s quite an old design and I’m actually sad I haven’t sent this to the competition, but hey at least I can share it here. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Added flavor text.


Everyone here has had great ideas.