Faction Event: All-Seeing Eye


I just have to say, that seems to be a terrible mindset. Not having meta-defining items behind a paywall is not the same thing as people not wanting to support a game.

For instance I personally have spent something like $80 on this game and I continue to drop a small sum each month. I can (somewhat) understand the devs making the leaderboards pay to win, and allowing people to bypass a ton of the grind with money, sure its a business I understand. However putting meta-defining items behind an additional paywall is just wrong.

I mean I paid more for this game than say overwatch, but if overwatch started charging extra money for new heroes if people didn’t snag them during their release it would cause a riot. I am not sure why mobile games not only get a pass on such stingy tactics but even support from the playerbase.


Divine Protector was part of a Raid/Invasion event. It was easily available to the entire player base. They were kind enough to offer people a second chance to get it, outside the event, and then people complain because they feel it should have been given for free, perhaps in a daily mail?

I got mine by playing in raid / invasion events, if others pass on those events, that’s on them.


Do you want to spend a few hours doing delves each day? Because anyone that made it to 500, is now stuck at 500 for that faction. How long do you think it would take to do a single delve at level 500? Do you imagine it’s fast? Easy?

Now do that x3 each day.

I don’t get why anyone feels another players game-play hurts their game-play. If they want to spend hours doing very, very hard delves each day, that’s up to them…

I’ll also add, maybe those people would like an even bigger challenge, say up to Warlord 4, would you play at Warlord 4 in a delve? I wouldn’t.


If the weapon could never be accessed again after the event I would be ok with that. If it only came around once every couple years in a new event that would be fine too. I am not saying everyone must have the item or that weapons limited to events is a bad thing. I can understand items being accessible only to those who participated in a limited time event.

What I am saying is that, you should not put a meta-level item that may be inaccessible to people (say those who joined after the event) behind a paywall. You do that with cosmetics or non-meta level collectibles.

The game should never say “Sure you spent hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars supporting us in the past, but if you want this Meta-level item, you need to pay more” That is not them ‘being kind’.


That’s what happened to me, I think I had about 5 or 6 delve sigils leftover. I was surprised that with the delve event being the All Seeing Eye that there was still 3 delve sigils that I could use as normal in the Hall of Guardians. I played for around 3 and a half hours last night, did 3 x dungeon battles, 16 invasion battles, 3 pet rescues (24 battles), about 6? full delve run throughs (60 battles), so total of roughly 100+ battles (and not a trophy in sight, but I won’t start that debate again, or did I just do that lol?).


But who is going to farm a Delve level 500? The player who did that will just farm another faction.
You need only one low level faction to farm.


Big difference between DP and Jar of Eyes. DP was available in the Soulforge, just like Rageweaver is this week. Jar of Eyes was not available in the Soulforge so this weapon was not as easily available. I don’t mind putting it behind a paywall later on, but changing how weapons are offered so that you must either spend a heavy outlay of gems or cash later on to get it is not how they said weapons were going to be introduced.


I didn’t really think there was enough time to reach 500 on the first Faction event but I’ve seen claims someone did it. So I don’t much trust my estimates.

I routinely see people using more or less the same team as me to get a couple hundred levels higher than I do in Raids/Invasions. I don’t know how many sigils they are spending, but I usually reach a point where I lose more than win. So I assume some people are playing way more meticulous than me and somehow that makes it more possible to get ahead.

This means over time I’m putting less stock in my estimates of how “hard” level 500 is for the dedicated players.

But also I know it doesn’t matter if you or I believe “level 500 shouldn’t be fun”. The people who get there are going to insist it should be. They’re going to be joined by people who are in the mid-100s and beyond who find it hard, and are upset that the way forward is going to be even worse. That number is going to increase every week, and I imagine once the first couple of “this isn’t fun anymore” threads pop up, they are going to stay in the forums’ top 10 posts forever.

The question, “Would you play a Warlord IV Delve?” is irrelevant. If it is a possibility, people are going to assume it’s possible and demand it be so.


100% @Sirrian was very clear on this issue. The problem is I don’t think anyone is driving the bus to verify things are in order. Cruise control works great, but you still must steer to stay on the road.

TL;DR. I don’t believe this was an intentional design to gouge the players out of Gems. Just an oversight.


It costs only Diamonds, 200, if i correctly recall.
Edit: And some other stuff:


I don’t understand what you are saying… Your opinion is, if I get this right, things should be easier, because if things get difficult people are going to complain that they should be easier?


Thank you, I always get them in the events, so I didn’t know. My bad for not checking the forge.


No problem, it’s the kind of thing i don’t usually check, but to give some perspective:

Crafting the weapons is quite expensive in a sense, surely some players will have extra colored Jewels as they buy the daily offer of 50 gems, but at the rate we acquire these resources it takes weeks to get enough for a weapon, and without outside information like the spoilers pages people can surely miss out a great weapon because they used the Jewels to craft a previous one that is just ok. While the cost in gems for the Shope tier have a function inside and outside the event with the troops and the legendary ingots.


You asked me if I want to spend hours doing Delves each day. You asked me how long I felt like doing a Delve at 500 might take. I told you I don’t care, but the people who do are going to have loud opinions if it’s more than they bargained for because they can’t come back.

In general, people should be able to play the game the way they want. The thing is, you can’t test-drive 500 to see if you can handle it. You either get there or you don’t. I think a lot of people have pushed “as far as possible” without realizing the consequences and are going to be upset. That impacts me because there will be lots of long, loud, gripey threads on the forums. It will drown out discussion of more interesting topics.

The problem with every “challenge mode” in GoW is they only allow one-way travel. Imagine if in Explore you could only raise the difficulty level, not lower it. Would you ever even try Warlord IV? When you put a one-way door in a game it is inevitable players are going to be upset if they find out they liked “before” better than “after”.

I don’t advocate for any particular solution. I merely wish to be able to say “I said this would happen” when it does. I can think of a few solutions, but I predict if I post them:

  • Lots of people will say ugly things about it no matter what it is.
  • It’ll be ignored in the flood of 50 other ideas.
  • It will never get implemented.
  • I’ll be more angry than if I keep my mouth shut.

Seriously. Make a snack and watch the forums 2 weeks from now. I bet I’m right. The happiest people will be the ones who figured out the art of Delve is deciding where your threshold for “hard” is and keeping one faction there forever.


And more expensive and add its only for an event that only last 24 hours…


“It’s called a hustle sweetheart.”

I’m pretty sure i had a better “smug fox meme” somewhere… But this picture will do for now.


I think the real problem is that the game doesn’t give you a warning that this is a one-way progression. Without reading the forums or guild chat, you might not realize the best option is to keep 1 delve low and people might raise it before they figure out what mistake it is that they are making.

On the bright side, this is a ‘temporary’ mistake at best. Once the new delve is released you can be happy with a level 20 delve again, and you only ‘need’ one delve at low level to farm so nobody has made a mistake that cannot be fixed.

And on top of that I am somewhat optimistic the devs will ‘fix’ the one way door somehow or other. I agree there is likely to be a lot of complaining about it so I think it may cause them to take action.


I think it’s down to how long they’ll release new factions vs how long it takes to player to put any faction in a state he will feel burn’t out.

As you said, without the forums and all discussions we had as of late some players out there are probably increasing the level of their delves without considering leaving at least one at a lower level. It’s not very intuitive at first…

I share the same concerns Slypenslyde have and i mentioned it before in other threads. This feature is tricky and can give a bad experience the sooner the player hits a wall, which usually means soon when he is still sorta new to the game.


The obvious solution seem to be to allow people to do delves at whatever level they want to up to the maximum they reached (or +10 for progression). You get the best of all worlds here. Are there any downsides to this?


Only if you use troops from Wild Plains, because those are really needing a rework…

But regarding the economy of this feature, since it means you need to make “progress backwards” i think the devs should still apply the penalty of x0.5 loot for playing at each lower level, because you did benefited from an increased boost of x2.0 loot once already, and as soon as you reach the desired level you would play normally at x1.0 loot. (Or maybe use another calculation, i’ll not crunch numbers right now.)

I think this would be fair and even a good lesson for the players, some might still not like it, but leaving as it is seems worse.

Also such change, if it happens, would probably require a new patch and take a while.