New troop I must buy but cannot use

Dear Devs,

I understand why the new All-Seeing Eye troop is not of the faction allowed colors – that might have made pure-faction runs easier or a different experience from those of use who used the four original troops.

That said, why on earth can I ONLY get that troop in the event I cannot use it? Why wasn’t it included in, say, event keys, or faction portals? Why must I spend gems for something I cannot use?


You can wait 4 weeks… Then it will be portals.

But yeah I don’t get it, either. Why didn’t they make it usable is what I’m wondering.

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It’s so counter-intuitive. I thought that was the entire point of releasing new faction troops, so that there were more options for completing delves with Pure Faction. It gives a different set of tools that might help shake things up. It’s shocking that the entire point is missed this badly.


Maybe they planned to add this one to Watch Mother’s spell, but something went wrong. If this troop is brown, make it Blue/Brown or Green/Brown, why not? Problems with delve troops continue, the first one was with Void Wisp, now incompatible Burning Ocularen…