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Troops unavailable in underworld

I noticed that some of my troops are unavailable while in the underworld while creating a Delve battle. Most notably King Bloodhammer is absent whom I wanted in my roster. No notice on limitations, what gives?

If you are playing delves in All Seeing Eye you can only use troops that are either green or blue color.
In the Hall of guardians you can use Bloodhammer since the condition for troops there is brown / yellow


Ah okay
Is there anything anywhere that explains this? I sure missed it… :pensive:

It highlights the colours required on the fight screen. They are all there but the ones you can’t use are a lot darker

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Yes every time you start a delveIMG_20180906_170416

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Also if you open the troop sorting menu while assembling a team, there are locks appearing over the colors you must use.

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Two colors gave me a lot more troops to choose from than I would have guessed.

King Bloodhammer is available in Hall of Guardians but not All-seeing Eye… although with the doomstorm nerf, might not be the best choice.