Underworld troops

Is there a list of each troop you can obtain from a specific delve? Like, if you’re using chaos shards in The Deep Hive (or any delve) , what are all the troops it’s possible to get?

Simple when you know how …

From the main screen go to ‘Collection’, Troops, then, from the drop down at Kingdom select the Delve (All Seeing Eye in example) then hit the green “Apply Filter” button.

Select “show all” to see all the troops for that Delve.


there’s a whole lot of semantics to say yes and no.

list in-game from chests? no
somewhere online? yes
in-game via understanding how they release stuff? yes
like an actual list type of list online? no

The easiest way if you want to skip all of that semantics is just to filter in-game on the different factions and check owned/unowned/all for what’s available. you just have to keep in mind the “3-4 week thing” they like to mention in every post about new deep delve faction troops and those not being available in chests immediately. Usually, they have been available on the day when the next deep delve release.

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Now if you want to look at / compare Underworld troops across multiple factions, you can generally do a text search for “Delve” (“Delves” might also work) because, with only a few* exceptions, Faction troops commonly share one trait or another that activates exclusively while Delving into a Faction.

(* The exceptions are typically the Faction Legendary, due to their unique trait limiting how many additional Traits they can have: Lady Morana and Nyar’mel, for example, lack a Faction trait)

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You might try the GoW Sleuth page.

I used “delve” as the traits filter. Don’t know if that’s a complete list.

Not all troops will appear on the search for “delve” or “delves”. Most will, but I know that the crypt keepers delve has a few that don’t (Lady Morana, Nightshade and Spectral Knight), and Duergaroth has one (Nyar’Mel), plus there’s probably others but not that many, I think.
EDIT: Fang Moor also has Chief Dargon, but funnily enough his third trait is “Deep Wounds”, so he’d show up if you search for “Deep”, at least.
The search is for “deep” traits, which activate during delves, and most underworld faction troops have them, but some don’t and it makes it awkward to find them. You can search by kingdom, as mentioned above, though. All faction troops have two locations, listed just below their name, though, so you can scroll through unowned troops and look for that, if that helps.

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Here’s a graphic that I made for the Gems of War Factions discord channel: