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Delve Troop Menu Issue

While i play on xbox, i suspect this is valid for all platforms.

When selecting troops for a delve team, the mana colors are locked in for that Delve. Using all seeing eye as an illustration of the issues…

-blue and green are locked. This means that i cannot filter blue and red and select “all colors” without green also being selected. Merlion is a valid selection for the delve, but i have to scroll halfway through the troops to get to it.

-the color filter can be cleared. However, once cleared, they cannot be reselected, as the lock prevents them from being turned back on. This can be corrected by exiting the troop menu and risking the game locking up trying to load the troop menu again.

I would almost classify this as a bug report rather than a feature request. Given the color restrictions, it doesn’t make sense to treat the two required colors like the other four.


I think it’s functioning as designed, just feedback on the limitations that the approach creates. I could be wrong, and if someone thinks they need to move it, I’m okay with that.

There is definitely something buggy going on with troop manu in Delve. In All Seeing Eye, when choosing “all color” option with the lock on Blue and Green, it should how all troops with both colors (Draakulis/Krystenax) like in any other modes. Instead, nothing changed and it just show all troops possible in this Delve again.

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