Faction Expansion – All-Seeing Eye


This weekend the All-Seeing Eye is getting an expansion. The faction’s Deep Delve will become available for players to enjoy (once they complete Delve Level 100 or higher).

It will also be gaining a new Epic Troop – the Burning Ocularen.

This troop will be available in the event shop this weekend, and will appear in Chaos Portals for this faction in 4 weeks’ time.


So the troop being unusable in the associated delve due to colour restrictions was intended?
All Seeing Eye is Blue/Green troops only and this troop uses Yellow/Brown.
And the 3rd trait is entirely useless in the delve too.


Upgrade your servers so players can play new content. Repeatedly being told to retry to log on -is gaming garbage. As is the loading time between moving around within the game.
Shameful- fix your speed.
‘Degraded servers’ - the degraded is your game and its reputation.

Really? Epic new troop fail :sleeping:


The in-game news suggests it’s available in portals now: “Earn a new troop from the Event Shop and the Chaos Portal.”

This feels misleading to me.

(And yes, I did open a bunch of portals before wondering “so where is it then?” and coming here so: thanks for that.)


Hello, where is the option to do a deep delve please? (Currently at level 120)


The event shop tier III claims of Burning Ocularen that “This Epic Faction Troop can help in your Delve.” Apparently not?


So is deep delve now a permanent feature for All Seeing Eye? So any day can do deep delves for it even once this current event is over?


Pure faction 100+ run maybe?

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Do you see a radio button and some text on the bottom of the delve difficulty selection screen?

It should be there (and it is there for me, at least, for fully maxed delve).


Thank you for suggestion Clare, i’ll try it, appreciated

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Sorry Dust, just saw your message, i’ll look in a bit, thank you

The deep delve is outside the event using daily sigils, faction only has to be level 100 then you can select it at the bottom.


Thank you very very much Dust Angel, found it, your awesome, cheers

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Thank you too Cairnso

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So, “Make this a Deep Delve”, does it only apply to the current run or is this a permanent change that can’t be reversed again? After seeing the event shop selling us a troop we can’t even use in the event I’m a bit reluctant to try.

Looks like it can be deactivated but I’ll let you know after I finished it.

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It is misleading


It’s one run only. 2 sigils & 10k gold everytime you want to do it. Its a toggle button on the screenshot above.

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I passed level 20 in the deep delve (the new map), and now I see level 30 on the old map. How do I switch to the new one?