Faction Event: All-Seeing Eye


The next faction event is Friday through Sunday.


Yes, it did for me. Using an all Faction Team.


Does anyone know if the Faction Event resets to Level 20 the next time All Seeing Eye shows up?

I can’t tell from reading the article, seems that way, but not 100% certain.


@Kafka was kind enough to update our Faction Events help centre article to answer a lot of the questions asked in this thread. :slight_smile:

To paraphrase, here are some of the things she clarfied…

  • Your progress in the Faction Event counts towards your Faction even after the Event ends (further details in over view section of the article)

  • You cannot select your Delve Difficulty Level in the Faction Event.

All Seeing Eye faction event raised my permanent faction delve level every time I beat an event delve

@TheIdleOne Yes all Faction events start on level 20 and are reset each time there’s a new event.
I’ll add that to the article


I just did the same thing, but on different faction. Next Tuesday gonna be interesting! :grin:


Level 8 chest. I suppose that’s acceptable. Could have been (much) worse. :stuck_out_tongue:


I would like to understand what the devs were thinking while designing this event as one-day only. These fights are so damn time consuming! You can spend the entire day doing this event, it’s ridiculous that it lasts only 24 hours.


I agree. I like the event in concept, but it’s far too long and time-consuming to be a weekday event.

@saltypatra please pass this feedback on


If players cannot use all their sigils in the time allotted, one imagines they are less likely to purchase additional ones with gems.

Have to say, though, that this is kind of a worst-case scenario for this kind of event. Many of us still have a low Hoard level, which will make fights take longer. It was also the first such event, so lots of people bought lots of tiers to see how far they could push.


I really think left over sigils should turn into a random piece of treasure for the player, due to the duration of these faction events. Gives a slight incentive to keep purchasing upwards, even when its not feasible to play so much.

No point being stingy with the treasure, a faction for each kingdom + a non-realistic hoard 1000 final goal means we’ll need more treasure than we’ll ever get.


While surely increasing your survivability massively, higher hoard level wouldn’t really do all too much for reducing the length of the game, lv1000 hoard gives +90 magic which is quite insignificant given the 1000+ effective hitpoints of troops in the highest levels.


With Crypt keepers delve event being this weekend I’m guessing there will be another weapon available.


Annoyingly, my last battle before I had to leave for work, I picked up two more sigils. So dam typical as it gave me no time to do them :-1:


Can anyone confirm that it’s the weapon included?


We already got your message about this @Rinny , yesterday . Are you gonna talk about this in every Dvelve event when a new weapon is relased in the shop tiers? I am just wondering. Don’t forget that if you really want the weapons later they might appear in the shop for only 5 bux each.

In the long run 2 Sigils is not much, but I get that its annoying not be able to do them in the very first dvelve event.


“We already got your message about this @Rinny , yesterday . Are you gonna talk about this in every Dvelve event when a new weapon is relased in the shop tiers?”

No I won’t do that. It’s just that there are several people who are worried about time sensitive weapons. Divine Protector became part of the Meta and I know several people who were dissapointed about missing out on that.

Perhaps I’m not asking in a correct manner, sorry about that. I’m trying to gain knowledge about the direction of the next few weeks but rest assured I will not ask every week. I was just surprised but after this week I’ll be “in the know” and as it were.


And all of those got a 2nd chance a few weeks ago of picking DP up for only 5 bux from the shop. I am fully aware of that some flat out refuses to support the game, but nonetheless it is still a pretty solid offer and a 2nd chance of picking it up, especially for a weapon like DP - one of the best.


They did so after 2 years in game i think about retire. Its so stupid not to give first faction event in 3 days for instance. Something broke inside me :frowning:


There is a weapon at Tier IV and that’s going to motivate a lot of Tier IV purchases. It took how many months for Divine Protector to cycle back in? Some people are collectors and will always go for it, and resent being pushed that far for a single weapon. I think the Devs are aware of this since technically you only needed Tier II to get all rewards. It ensured a pretty high gem buy-in which I imagine is being presented to the publisher today to show what an astounding success this new update is. (That’s not a bad thing, but they played us.)

I mostly agree this was too much for a one-day event. I’m going to end up wasting sigils next time because I played entirely too much GoW yesterday. I like the sound of the 3-day version a lot better.

Not to mention if we’re effectively having 2 faction events/week people are going to max underworld pretty dang quickly. Someone’s claimed they made it to 500 in this event. Even if they didn’t optimize prizes along the way, that implies a high hoard level compared to other players too. The faster players max out their factions, the sooner this feature wears thin.

That’s when all the “make Delve fun again” threads are going to arrive.