Faction Event: All-Seeing Eye


See? We are both a lover of this mode!

This whole discussion still feels very strange for me, but I did learn one thing. Don’t put a bad joke at the end of your post, or that will the only thing everyone will focus on. Never again! :rofl:


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I think letting us choose the lv we want like in bounty would be a better way of doing this event. That way you can go as high as possible and when you hit a wall you can still finish off your remaining sigils. I know for sure some people will have sigils go to waste because event is only 24 hrs and battles take longer and longer the higher you go.


I’d pay to take out the trash, wish there was a button…

Buy now would be pressed so much I’d probably go broke.


I had hoped it would be like that, great idea.


Also anyone else notice no solid blocks during event?


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As long as my cat, and my iPad is under there with me, I’m fine with that.


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I wonder if it could make sense at faction events to only raise the delve level if both:

  • There’s another faction at low delve level and quality level 10 for farming outside of events
  • The event faction is at quality level 10, so there’s a good payoff for increasing delve level there

So most faction events don’t buy many tiers and don’t raise delve level. When there’s enough treasure saved to bring another faction to quality 10, then buy 6 tiers and raise the delve level.

I’ll also buy 6 tiers until I have a farming faction of 10 quality and 20 delve level.

Anyway, just my current thinking. I’ve probably been more wrong than right in my delve analysis so far, so maybe it’s unsound thinking. If you think it’s best to raise delve level in this event, you can try to convince me if you like.


They will realese more factions each month, 410 gems and in the same week of raids and Invasion i dont see a way to keep up with the gem spending.


Don’t forget the occasional Bounty. That’s more gems but at least it doesn’t have weapon locked behind a certain tier.


You do get 28 sigils over seven days for raids/invasions, it’s not that hard to meet requirements with minimum investment in most guilds.


@Saltypatra Is it a visual bug or it is designed that the Final reward is only a orb but no major orb?




Has anyone a good team for level 190?


@Saltypatra Bit of a feature request or bug report but…

I know how much the team loves players collecting Maps: But Treasure Hunt should never be in the Big Featured window under Games like it is today,( nor should Arena for that matter). It should be the active event. In this case the Faction Event.



Sorry if this has been asked; do the renown stats like highest delve completed, highest delve with no casualties, highest delve with faction carry over to your “normal” faction renown?




This event should be on a weekend or at the very least a 2 day event. People that work do not have time to do it so several sigils wasted.