Faction Event: All-Seeing Eye


This is actually really cool to hear, level 100 isn’t a terrible place for an endgamer to leave a faction.


How outside this event were people obtaining Jar of Eyes? Since that would (might) solve the dilemma I was having about going up to tier IV.


I’m not sure about that. But consider the fact that this event will rotate every Tuesday, this might be the only way to get it.

So you should buy it just for collection purpose, you only need to do it once. Next time you will only need 90 gems to finish everything.


Is faction team renown a one time only per delve level?


It keeps your best score for each challenges.

My previous All Seeing Eye only have 60 point for that challenge, but once I do it again at Level 100, it updates to 100 instead.


Thanks. I’m still coming to grips with the whole delve system and what’s the best way for me as an endgamer moving forward.


In what way?


Probably salty. I’m going to assume because people are doing it at the lowest possible level and aren’t the one who is at around 180 already (or something along those lines).


He equates people supporting the game as being losers, I guess…


Because it doesn’t really require skill to reach it, just a lot of gems.

And you can clearly see it as well. Those with high level are the one who is challenging themselves and get there just by playing the event. While players with low level are the one who seek the easiest way to be on top with least effort.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really see it as a bad thing. It’s actually quite a great model for doing business. It’s still leave a chance for skilled players to do the same by spending less gems, but they will have to take more effort and time to do that.

Full detail here.

Also, Lissandra. Please don’t put the word in my mouth. I don’t really care about what other players accomplish. The only competition I took very seriously is with myself.


Oh my… people really take that word very seriously. It’s just a word I borrowed from other players from once Raid/Invasion are still in early release. It doesn’t really have any valid reason back then, but it fits perfectly right now in this mode.

You could read my detailed opinion in above post that I’m in no way against it. This is the people who help keeping the business running and the game being free for us all. I just think it’s not a very great way to play this mode in its intended purpose.

Its structures could leave some skilled players feeling like their skills doesn’t really matter, but that not true. The main rewards in this event is not that Leaderboard, but the way you play it. So it being there is just make a very misleading impression.


Would love to know how I can pay gems to reach 500. 280 is already a slog. thanks!


The leaderboards are not the event rewards. They are for people that want to go beyond the event rewards, to get some gems, prestige, and an orb… And for the ultra gem hoarders out there, it’s a path to a power orb… I like being on LB, but I would never try for the power orb…

And finishing the event won’t gaurantee you a place on the LB as lots of people will be going much further past finishing stage 8…


The event isn’t a competition. It is a game mode where we play for ourselves, unlike guild wars, etc… Your mention of skill, etc. confuses me, because I certainly am not competing with anyone in this event… at least, not that I am aware of.


And your point being? I don’t really understand.

My opinion about the Leaderboard have nothing to do with where I was in it. I know fully well I’m not gonna be in it even before I start playing this event. Joining the auction is not my things.

I never say reaching Level 500 is easy. Reaching it also have nothing to do with this event. It’s all about score, and you can gain the same point whichever the level you’re in, hence my opinion about taking no skill to reach it.

I really have no idea how many people want to argue with me, when our general ideas are exactly the same. Can you guys read my post more read my post more carefully before making an assumption, please?


My mother called me this morning. She was so excited to have used a sigil, and beaten level 20 in a faction. She said it took her an hour, lol. We are all at different points in the game, and we all have different skill sets.

My mom said she would try another faction delve tomorrow, as the first one today burnt her out. (And back to treasure maps she goes)!

Some people just want to have fun, and they don’t worry about what other people are doing.

I guess that’s why I said I’m not competing with anyone, I’m just doing my delves the way I want to, and I’m glad that’s an option.


So do I. If I really want competition, I would use gems to buy more sigils, use all of them before posting it here. The reason I post it now is to inform all players how to finished all solo rewards using less gems, and don’t care about competition. And… look what I got from making one bad joke. :joy:

To put it simply, the whole mode is great and perfectly fine addition to the game, if you can pretend the Learderboard tab don’t existed. I just want to state my opinion about it, and will continue to ignore them like I always do since 3.0 version.

So, you see it now? I was agreeing with you right from the beginning. You even like one of my early, detailed post. So why are we agruing again?


I swear I wasn’t arguing, I was only pointing out that I see it more as a mini game, and more fun, than any kind of competition.


And that’s what is it! Leaderboard is just there to simply boost the game economy. The actual gameplay is very fun.

Delve is so good that it make me tired of going back to play PvP/Raid/Invasion again. So an event that let me do an unlimited Delve is a huge plus for me!


Right on… They almost made Delves too much fun… Everything else feels so ho hum in comparison… :joy: