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Faction event Delve Levels problem

I was incorrectly told that faction event’s don’t effect your actual delve level and I went all out during the All Seeing Eye Faction Event, Going straight for the exit when the level got too hard for me to explore. I reached a point where with my current hoard level, I only have about a 50% chance of surviving if I go straight to the exit.

Sadly, the event increased my delve level, and so I can barely earn anything if I delve in all Seeing Eye now, even if I choose the lower level option.

If I participate in the new Ancient Crypt Faction Event that Delve will also become unplayable…

I would really like the ability to go back multiple levels if possible, or to not have the faction event effect the current delve level.


For the event, to keep your current level you can do all rooms and run away before the boss room

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I am hoping that gets changed, since in the event weekend the top scorers were those who never even finished the first zone. Really defeats the purpose of the event and comletition that way.