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How low can I keep my faction in this new Faction Event?

Hi everyone! :slightly_smiling_face:

We have a Crypt Keepers one-day Faction Event running currently, and it’s the first (I believe) since the new patch (4.1) to incorporate the new scoring system, where higher levels give you more points. As I understand, the points required for each reward tier have also been increased to match this, and from this arises my two questions:

  1. Is it possible to complete all reward stages without buying any shop tiers? With/without Valraven luck.

  2. What is the lowest level at which I can reasonably keep my Faction (in this case, Crypt Keepers) while still completing all rewards?

The answers I’m seeking are mostly anecdotal, since I think it’d be pretty rude/lazy of me to ask anyone to do my math(s) for me; that being said, if you do feel so inclined, I believe it would be useful information for the community as a whole, and I would also appreciate it personally :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

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Based on my first two times through this Delve, it is still the case that boss rooms are 200 points and others are 100. However, they now get an additional multiplier of (current level)/20.


You need about 7-8 runs to unlock all the rewards so you’ll get to delve level 90 or 100. Given that you start with 3 sigils and you get 2 per raven if you manage to find 3 ravens you can get it without going in the shop.

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What is the total points needed for all rewards? I forgot to note it down
You can kinda get the idea how many points you can get when reaching x level by looking at the leaderboard

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I hope this wasn’t directed at me :stuck_out_tongue:.

This is largely what my questions are based around, although that only works for the normal rooms as the boss room is now worth 4x the others. See:

Moreover, as I mentioned, and from what I understand, the points required to complete all rewards have also been increased.

I just added it up then, it’s 70,000.

Good point. Looking at the leaderboard currently (I’ve now missed some of the Delve Level 50 scores that were up there earlier), I’m seeing:

Level 60: ~30-33k
Level 70: ~40k
Level 80: ~52k
Level 90: ~67-74k

Obviously, there are lots of factors in there ^, and I may update that as more scores are shown. Of course, I could just maths it, but I’m feeling a little lazy atm.

Looks like I probably won’t be able to keep Crypt Keepers at a semi-farmable level if I want to finish the event, as I was hoping :stuck_out_tongue: :confused: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


No, not directed at you. Boss rooms are worth half the points they should be, according to the formula you posted. But after further thought, it may just be the case that the point totals on the cards were not updated, and awarded points are being calculated correctly. That would make the issue visual, rather than gameplay. I guess that’s better.

Ah yes, I can see what you mean - I just had a look at the base points displayed on the cards for each room.

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Yeah looks like if you want to complete all rewards without having to spend gems you need to raise your delve to at least level 80

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I’m thinking I might just leave it at 20, and not worry about getting all the rewards from the event.


I kept mine at 20 as crypt is my farm. Managed to finish reward 4 after using all free sigils


Awesome! :slight_smile:

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Still don’t get to play it yet, but will do it soon. Will report back later.

Although, if the end level for finishing all stage rewards is still around Delve Level 100, it’s okay to farm there. Level 100 is not that hard. It’s pretty low risk and only a bit more time consuming than level 20.

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can’t get 3 ravens from the free sigils. The first one show up on the first run, the second one on the fifth run, the third one on the eighth run (requiring you to purchase one sigil). Not doing all rooms (e.g. because your client crashed :face_with_raised_eyebrow:) may cause ravens to show up later.

Yes you can get 3 valravens from the free sigils. And they show up randomly

They don’t show up entirely at random, there are constraints in place that limit the lower and upper number based on event stages played, as well as ensuring they don’t appear several times in sequence. There’s a different set of constraints for each type of event, e.g. you get more Valraven in Class events than in Delve events. I’m fairly certain the third Valraven in Delve events can’t show up prior to your eighth run, there’s a small margin for error though. Do you have any additional details about encountering three of them?

While you were typing this out i went ahead and found proof from tacets stream :grinning:
At 1:19:15 you can see he get the 3rd valraven on his 7th run. He ended up getting 9 sigils without spending gems

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Thanks, that’s quite interesting. It’s the All-Seeing Eye Delve, which has one room less than the other Delves. I wonder if it has higher Valraven settings to compensate for the points lost due to the missing room. :thinking:

I got 3 ravens without buying anything from the shop this event.

I hit 70,000 points with the boss room at Delve level 80, for the record. I did abort one run after dumb Cedric Sparklesack pulled my squishy Ishbaala to the very front of the team, so I may have been one room short had I finished all 7 runs.