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PSA: What Happens in the Delve Event Does NOT Stay in the Delve Event

Hi all,

You may be tempted to drive deep into the new Delve crushing foes until the foes are too uncrushable to be crushed any longer. Just remember that the Delve Level you reach will stick like glue in your normal Delve life.

Don’t be like me…or do be like me depending on whether you want this…I Delved deep in the last event with the All-Seeing Eyeballs and now I have a Faction that is really difficult to play, and as such won’t ever be played again with my limited 3 Delves per day.

Unless I use Ragnagord. (Not even then.)


It’s better to keep the delve event at level 20 for the event as not only does it make it easier to farm points but you don’t need to fear the actual faction going up to extreme levels for a good while at least.

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You only need one faction at low level to farm it. CK seems really nice for that.

From this farming you can level up the ASE Hoard. Then with the stat bonus, you could be able to finish higher Delve levels.

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When new factions come in, keep them at low level and farm resources to upgrade the hoard of the faction you overleveled. That should give you the stat bonuses you need to be back in business.

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Farm faction strategies are all valid and functional, but having a farm faction is boring as heck.

Farm Faction:

  1. Stuck with two colors for delving
  2. Stuck with same enemies over and over
  3. Stuck with same map of rooms (This one actually bothers me the most)
  4. Sticking with Level 20 indefinitely has no challenge factor, and as such gets boring.

I think they should have Delve Events be separate or allow us to turn down the difficulty more than one notch so we can still enjoy every Faction.


Eventually I feel like they will fix it and reward us more while doing the higher levels.

But for now might as well…

Thank you for this @Zepp! Good looking out.


What I hear is CK is “bad” as a farming faction because it has a slightly lower overall chance to improve your chest or raise your room multiplier. So far Hall of Guardians is “the best”.

But for a lot of us, Hall of Guardians is already pretty high level, so CK is “the best” because it’s still at 20. I can finish probably 1.5 CK Delves at 20 in the time it takes me to finish 1 HoG delve. So I’ll probably focus on farming CK and see how the next faction stacks up.

In the end most of the time you’ll have 3 Delves/day so if the difference in time isn’t big, you aren’t “losing” much from having higher than 20. Do what lets you finish your Delves without wanting to ragequit. That’s “optimal”.


I don’t think it’s right. I got a x4.1 RTM. And with a Legendary room that HoG doesn’t have I guess the overall chance to upgrade the chest should be higher.

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Accounting for the legendary room, I calculated an average chest level before defeating the boss at about 3.15 for both Hall and Eye: Faction Event: All-Seeing Eye

I don’t really trust those numbers though. While playing, I rarely get chest level 2, but often get 4 or 5.

I guess in the end, for me, I’m doing “whichever is fastest” because speaking honestly, “12 legendary ingots instead of 13” is still a damn fine deal. :wink: