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All Seeing Eye faction event raised my permanent faction delve level every time I beat an event delve

Today when I went to do a delve in the All Seeing Eye faction, I found that my delve level had been increased by the number of delves I did in the faction even yesterday. This makes that faction’s delve pretty much unplayable until I can farm a ton of treasures off the other faction’s delve and raise the All Seeing Eye hoard level by a lot.

I’m a pretty new player, and I’ve never increased my delve levels because I can barely finish the regular level 20 ones. But now my All Seeing Eye delve is at like level 60.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
Given that I never was asked to pick a level for the faction event delves, they weren’t entered via the faction on the map, and they didn’t consume the normal delve scroll/points to play, the faction event delves seemed like they were their own thing, separate from the regular delves for the faction. The game never informed you that by continuing to play the event you were levelling your regular delve for that faction beyond your ability to effectively play or optimize for rewards, so this seems like either a bug or a really, really player-unfriendly behavior. I have no problem with faction event delves increasing in level, but they shouldn’t level your regular delves. If they are supposed to affect normal delves, it should tell you (and then nobody would want to play the faction events).

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Fight delves in a faction event and then watch yourself be unable to complete regular delves with any speed or consistency by going to the faction on the map because they are now levelled too high.


This is working as intended, see the following post.


may be as intended… however it was misleading on the day. i was fighting in 200+ Delves for the event but then went back and used my daily Delves at lvl60 in the same faction. So on the day of the event, the levels are separate but only after the event ends does the true Delve level get boosted up to the Event level.

personally i would rather the events be completely separate for the same reason TheNerdful stated.

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I dont think the devs are gonna change it any time soon. However, a new faction is coming this friday. You can use it as your main farming delve. In the meantime just do hall of guardian

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It also doesn’t help that the numbers are all over the place with this.
On the day of the event, I started a normal delve (with the three daily attempts) but didn’t do it. This was a level 70 delve. I went higher than that in the event. When I checked my delve menu this morning, the screen displayed the new, higher level, but the actually started delve was, despite what the delve menu claimed, still the old level 70 one.

Seriously, delves are fun but everything about them is overcomplicated as heck and the game tells you nothing about it. Things might work as intended, but even here on the forum, some people (read: me) messed up more than once. People who only play the game and don’t check the help section or forums are completely lost and likely struggle a LOT more than needed, especially since these mistakes cannot be undone.

If the system remains this way, then that’s okay, but then we need some more ingame tooltips to help players along. Tutorialuther might like to pop up, but his help is pretty much crap…


Same here, my Delve got to 150.
Today I decided to bring it down and chose the 140 option, but failed and thus can’t lower it.

There is a new faction Friday. There will be a new faction event. Resist the temptation to push this new faction to level 100+. Just chill and don’t beat the boss room. Then you’ll have an easy level 20 faction to grind.

Use those rewards to raise hoard levels. You’re going to be able to beat those other Delves some other day. Also: there will be another faction event for a different faction soon, and other new factions. You can choose, when they come out, to keep Crypt Keepers at 20 and push those to higher levels, or make them the new low-level farmable Delve.

And in the future, when a new feature comes out, religiously avoid playing it until you find out from the forums how it is to be played. The devs only speak via the forums and streams: I had heard at least three different times before this event started that it behaved this way. I complain about this a lot, but no one bands together and demands that the game explain itself outside of forums and streams.

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It wouldn’t have worked anyway. Even if you beat the 140 boss room, your level will remain at 150.

I wonder if they will try and fix this or possibly postpone the event.

Or if the new mode is unraveling just as they had planned.

I think I’m one of the few who come on here from my guild. I would hate to be a new player all over again.

So you can’t ever bring it down? That’s messed up.

Here’s the trick.

You are trading losses today for wins tomorrow. Feel free to push Crypt Keepers to level 100 or whatever until you lose. You will get 10 shots at a chest with an average of 3 rewards in it. Then you will be left with 3 factions you cannot finish, which means reduced rewards until you push your hoard farther.

OR, you could go ahead and play out 10 sigils worth of losses, getting reduced rewards today. Then you get 3 Delves at a beatable level with a 1x multiplier. And another 3 Delves the next day. On the 4th day, you beat your 10th beatable Delve and you’ve “made back” what you lost. So starting next Tuesday, you are pulling ahead of where you will be if you ignore the advice.

The faction event is just like Raid Boss. At some point, you know you can’t win 100% anymore. So you change your game. You focus HARD on killing Zuul’goth and consider it fine if you pull that off.

You have to change your “I win” condition from “I beat every Boss Room every time” to win at this game. The prize is not “your win rate” for most people, but “mythic ingots”, and maximizing those involves understanding when and how to cut your losses.

Try finding a poker player who never folds.


@Saltypatra @Sirrian @Nimhain How come the Delve level is not selectable? Example, I would like to play a Delve-Troop team (now that I unlocked the troops), but the troops are not suitable for a level 200 delve. At a minimum, how come winning (or losing) on the 0.5x multiplier Delve does not reduce the level of the next Delve?



Hey, I wanted to say thanks for your perspective. I tend to post more here out of frustration and hang around our discord for the most part.

After playing through the weekend event carefully and with a better understanding it was good. Sorted out some all faction wins and got the feel for the devs point of view on the new troops.

Feeling a lot better about it today than mid week so again, thanks.

I relate so hard to this. A lot of times if I’m on here typing an essay it’s because I’m upset about something I’m procrastinating, and spending a little time explaining something/ranting on the forums puts it off for that much longer.

It’s a weird mode, because the game’s never put “run away” as an option that wasn’t “losing” before. It’s hard to wrap your mind around how it isn’t “losing”.

But dang I’m so happy I have a level 20 Delve to farm my 3 dailies in now.


It would be interesting to hear from a dev involved in the design process of Delving about why their expectations for the mode were so far afield from how players wound up wanting to interact with the mode.


Just because it’s “Working as intended” does not make it a well thought out design by any means. The Left most option (x.5) should REDUCE your base difficulty by -10 each time its used.

What if Explore was a one way street like this rushed design?


Do we know their expectations? This seems a natural consequence of not making “current Delve level” a variable in the function that determines your rewards/score.

It’s weird to me how astonished people are. It took 10 minutes for someone to look at Raid Boss/Invasion and ask, "Is there a level where I should stop winning so I can balance “guaranteed points” vs. “total score”. Bounty Hunt took that to a higher level: many people pick a battle between 16 and 20 to optimize “average points per match”.

Delve is one of the most interesting game modes because you have to ask yourself questions each match:

  • Will I win the next room?
  • If I win, will it disrupt my team in a way that makes other rooms harder?
  • Do I want to advance my level?

All of these things make for something more interesting than “smash “next” until I get rewards”.

I feel like this is getting overlooked by some very endgame players because to them, the challenge is only:

  • Can I beat level 500?

If you don’t give a flip about ingots (or a handful of other reasons that sound mean but aren’t) then level 500 is the only prize, and the “Run Away” button serves no purpose. But for people trying to optimize “effort per ingot”, that button is very interesting.

I’m starting to think there will never be an adjustment to give the speedy hares a bonus for outpacing the tortoises. Here’s a game designy-view: What if the devs intend for:

  • Ingot rewards to be the bonus for staying behind, as a major assistance to boosting kingdom levels.
  • Renown rewards to be the bonus for pushing ahead, as all-around global boosts.

Here, the intent would be for players to realize ingots are very important to kingdom power and spend a while at low levels until a surplus is farmed, then transition to focusing on Renown to get the longer-term bonuses. It could be the devs thought, “Players who max renown are players who no longer care about the Delve rewards.”

So it’s very possible the people who beat level 500 ASAP in every faction are the outliers, not the people the devs designed for. A very simple reason for why, “the thing I did doesn’t get the best rewards” is “the thing I did wasn’t the most optimal”.

Sure, this makes sense… but it’s mad that we have to even entertain such daft trickery…

Yup, I think I said that when they arrived. Hurts to be wise.

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I actually think I’m kinda dumb because I am so bad at understanding these things (and also because I put my pen into the freezer for whatever reason today).:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I’m kinda glad I am now at the “I will run the Crypt Level 20 from now on forever” stage at which I don’t need to think anymore. I’ll just upgrade all my hoards to max quality one by one and then I’ll be done. I don’t need the annoyance of going max level with delves or whatever. I just wanna be done with my dailies quickly and now it’s simple enough.

But yeah, getting to even this point has been an unpleasant journey. And I keep being weirded out by the treasure cost of upgrading my hoard which never seems to make much sense to me because it fluctuates so wildly.

I’ve said this before and I think it’s the best perspective here: find a poker champion who never folds.

I feel like the people most upset at this want game modes where you push start, then play 5,000 games without blinking and get a reward. Brainless, mindless autopilot. That mode is already here: PvP, Explore, Challenges, and Pet Rescues rarely present something worthy of breaking a daze over. Raid Boss and Invasion become novel at first, but soon you figure out if you’re using the optimal team and it becomes autopilot again. Bounty and Pet Rescues are easily conquered.

We get one single mode that asks us to think about how to optimize our rewards and provides consequences for making the wrong choice. I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

My feeling is the “optimal” way to approach Delve is to take it slow right now and accumulate ingots until most/all legendary/mythic weapons are maxed, then transition to Renown so you can get the stat bonuses since you no longer care about maximizing ingot yield.

If I keep up my current rate, I think it will take me less than a year to max out legendary ingots. We’ve been told we aren’t getting a new kingdom for “at least a year”. Hmm. I wonder if Delve isn’t meant to keep players occupied for a year, helping us reach the hard-to-reach goals for Kingdom Power, then be replaced by some new and different mode once the players who have been there from the start have drained it of all utility?