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There needs to be a way to play lower levels of the delve

After the event weekend I have my delve at level 150. That’s great and all, except that I did this before getting that 4th troop for the delve team. Now in order to get the “highest delve level” to anything other than zero, I need to beat the troops at level 140 (or higher).

At this point their stats are a good 20-30 points higher than mine at hoard level 50ish. It appears the only choice I have is to get the hoard level for that faction up to 150 or so in order to compete.


You think that’s bad? I’m stuck now at 500 with faction best at 200. What’s even more stupid is the faction pet can’t be unlocked until you push the delve to lv 450 or so.

Icarus was warned not to fly too close to the sun.


Yep it’s a grind - got to keep pumping those treasures to remain competitive.

Or waitl until next delve event. They always start at level 20.

But i agree there should be a way to power delve level