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Need a way to play higher delve levels for weekly event

For the weekly delve event, I really need a way to “pick up where I left off”. Every Tuesday I feel like its groundhog day, the movie. The fact that I have to start the weekly event back at level 20 coupled with the limited amount of play time I have after work (2-3 hrs) means I get to level 100 to 130 every time. Its frustrating! To the point that I usually just skip them.

It would be so much more fun for me to know that maybe for the weekly event I can tackle level 140 to 250 and so on!

Please add a way to begin the weekly delve event at the players next level they need to complete.


Please support this! Many players simply do not have the time to sit and play a minimum of 147 matches in order to get to level 500 (Level 20 start, 3 matches/delve level * 49 subsequent delve levels). Being able to pickup where players left off would encourage players to try and continue those higher delve levels and even try to attempt them with a full faction team, as they would at least have the option of potion support.


I’ve been banging on about this for months but sirrian wants us to spend our life in his game. Even if you go potion mental its 5 fights with the worst faction to date. These heretics are not worth a single penny of anyone’s money.


QFT. Meanwhile, he doesn’t even play his own game. Last I heard the highest level delve he completed was 110. Yikes.


Then @sirrian should appreciate my request even more!

He won’t. Just remember how often he has advocated healthy play (28 daily battles) only to launch ludicrous grind that far far exceeds that 28 battle rule. When you recognise this you recognise the true agenda… Cash cash cash. Sorry syrrian I got your delve maxed and it cost zip. U upped our minimum battle commitment yet again and taxed your players with an additional nerf to an already nerfed mode. What u gonna do next?


Here is an example of why I am making this request. It would take me 70 battles today just to get back up to level 150 and only then could I make some additional progress on this delve.

I don’t have that kind of time to devote to doing this today. And so, sadly, it will continue to sit and my gems that I would have spent on potions will stay in my inventory.

It would be so AMAZING to be able to come into the weekly event with the option to start at 20 again for additional farming OR start at level 160 so I could continue to complete this delve.


There is zero consideration afforded to players who have a life outside gems and every update exacerbates this issue. Today’s event is fang Moor, another 5 fight minimum to progress. 250 battles in one day again as a minimum. Sirrian recommended 28 per day as healthy so what on earth is this about? 250 to 300 fights in 24 hours plus the gem and cash (potentially) needed to seal the deal? This company are promoting gaming addiction on a colossal scale and should be brought to task about the design of their product. Completely immoral as always. Shameful again and again and again.


I’ve decided to vote with my wallet. I enjoy this game a lot, and I’ll keep playing, but I won’t spend any money, not a penny, until things start changing. If it was a particularly good month of updates and content released, I’ll purchase something.

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You’ve already remonstrated that you have spent 8k dollars my friend. Unbelievable that you consider spending more or even 1pc of that original figure. Truth is you have the time and catatonic switch off mentality to even address a 1 day blitz. I and many others do not. This mode is absolutely obscene. Way too much delve is reqd but people keep ruining it by spending the gems and time ad infinitum. The devs push new content to keep you guys away from 100 PC completion in a game that can never be completed. The harder you try the worse it becomes for everyone. Bizarrely you have missed that concept. A beautIful example of stockholm syndrome. 8k? What???


What are you talking about? I’ve spent an average of $33 per month since I started playing in Jul 2018, a total of $618, and my spending has drastically gone down in the last few months. I stopped buying Ring of Wonder months ago.

My apologies…think I’ve got you confused with zedicuss. But over 600 dollars is still a fair wad of cash. Several top titles plus dlc in fact. But the issue now is the exorbitant time and resource investment that delves present to the playerbase. Some players such as idle have 199 horde as their lucky number to attack the underworld with. How much gold is that by the most economical option? I am CERTAIN a 2nd delve chests gold nerf has been implemented since initial complaints after the original 4.7 nerf. These nerfs aren’t even discrete…they are a blatant middle finger to us all because they didn’t (in general) get the faction gold sink they expected. The reason? A more palatable potion investment gem sink that has backfired and hit revenue. So they hit us with yet another sink to hammer resources, unless you have the availability and inclination to delve non stop during the 24 hour events. Psychological warfare is what is happening to this game. “You will give us your investment or we will add so much content and underhand nerfs that you will never sleep again if you are stupid enough to try and keep up”. THAT’S THE BUSINESS PLAN.

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Why don’t you just take the shortest path to the boss on each floor?

I have neither the gems (or the real $ to buy enough), the stamina or the time to get past 130 in these events. If I try to even get to 200 I end up hating the game. So I buy two tiers and done.


I do. (See screen shot above)

This week it takes:
5 rooms to battle = shortest path through delve level
14 delve levels to get through 150 which is my last completed level

So 5x14 = 70 battles to be able to pick up where I left off with this faction.

I don’t mind spending more of my gems if I could start at level 160, in fact I would expect to do so.

However, I do mind starting back at level 20 and having to replay 70 battles just to get to level 160.


This is a great idea, I just hope it would be implemented without any weird rebalancing of the rewards, since we get such higher amounts of points for higher levels — current system most of the time requires one shop Tier to get all rewards, starting at higher levels would reach all reward without needing any.

I understand you are saying you’d like to buy potions anyway but theoretically someone else could just choose to farm a higher lvl for free for the rewards

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Very good point you raise @jdk. I would hope that the potential gain of at least 210 gems purchases (tier 3) for those of us who would like to continue advancing during the event would offset the 30 gems currently being paid by people farming for the event rewards.

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Here is another example of why I am making this request. I don’t have the time to invest in playing all day today due to work and I simply have no interest in replaying this delve. I would have to play from level 20 all the way up to level 500 again (in one day) just for the benefit of having the potions needed to finally finish it with the pure faction team.

I still think it would be AMAZING to be able to come into this event today with the option of being able to start at level 20, level 170 OR level 500 (if that’s my currently highest level as in this example). At least that way I could feel the happiness of continuing to make some progress toward completion of this faction. Please?

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I agree. My goal is to reach 300, but even that is excessive in my opinion. I would appreciate it if they let us choose to start from our highest Faction Delve completed, or level 20 for those who wish to farm.

I doubt they’d let us start from 500 (unless that was highest Faction).


I would only want to start from the next highest level I need (see my OP) unless I’m stuck at 500 as I am in today’s example. I don’t want a shortcut, I just want to make progress.