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Update to Delve Event / Delves in General please

Can we get an update to the weekly 1 day Delve event that allows you to start the delve on whatever level you are already at with it in the Underworld? Instead of always starting over at Delve level 10.

I easily earn the rewards points to get all 8 levels of rewards starting at Level 10 and just blasting my way through the fights, but I would rather continue on from what my current highest completed delve level is to help me get them closer to Level 500 and maxing out the Renown for for the faction without having to go through all 50 levels of the delve in 1 day (or what’s left of the day that I have to play it).

I just never have the gems to spend or the time to play through all 50 levels in 1 day. Plus since whatever level you make it to in the event transfers over to the Underworld faction it should be the same for when the event takes place.

And general, can we up the daily delve limit from 3? There are almost just as many factions now as Kingdoms and it takes forever to try and level all of these factions up.



Yes please!

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Didn’t even see that topic. I should have used the search function and posted in it that one instead.

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Yes please to this. Its weird it goes one way and not the other. You can play loads on an opening weekend event, with the help of potions, make good progress but just simply not have time to complete
You jump into your daily delves after the event and you are placed at level 300 and without the help of the potions you get battered.

Please a difficulty ‘slider’ as well instead of the 3 options. As with campaign tasks asking us to do level 100 delves, it is awkward when people have them leveled quite high. Not impossible of course but not ideal.

The colossal time investment along with numerous other faction concerns have been written about at length in these forums. Indeed the problem was highlighted immediately after the 1st faction went live about 2 years ago. Despite many good suggestions from the community as to how the burden could be eased and the game mode more manageable overall, ZERO has been done to remedy this situation in any way, shape or form. If you don’t have the gems/time to complete a 3 day event or the occasional Tuesday blitz, then you’re kinda screwed; the only option being colossal gold investment to boost your horde to a competitive level.

Factions are probably the most complained about topic I can think of; but I think it’s safe to say that the company just don’t seem to see the problem, or if they do, they simply don’t care.

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