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Faction Event: All-Seeing Eye


Welcome to your first weekly faction event! Delve the uncharted lairs of the All-Seeing Eye for epic loot!


New weekly event post, how useful!

So excited to play unlimited Delve! Here’s all the shop and reward details as promised!



I popped this post out because it is our first weekly event of this nature. You won’t be getting them in the future. (I thought due to the shiny newness it was a good idea.)


Let’s see how much time it takes, but a little bit disappointed by:

  • no other Faction troop aside the Epic one
  • no Major Orb in the last reward… or maybe it is a bug (the reward for Stage 4 and Stage 8 is almost the same :thinking:)

Did you restart client?


It’s working on my end, what platform are you on @Smash? Have you restarted your game/device?

Im on PC and restarted client

So basically, don’t ever bother orbing the Epic or Legendary Faction troops. (or the first few rarities of the Rare troop)

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Yes there is an Orb of Chaos but not a Major one :stuck_out_tongue: .


Did not even notice that lol

I agree on the Epic, but why not the Legendary? Are you seeing them drop quickly enough to get 6 in the next few weeks?

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from the faction event? yeah, I’ve managed to make mine mythic from just buying tiers. It’s probably more spent than most people, but it wasn’t overly difficult to get the legendary troops and some of these first few faction events are going to repeat.

In case you’re wondering, there is almost no gain in trying to optimize the order in which you run these rooms. Assuming I am right, doing the entire top row (I-III-V), then the middle row (IV), then the bottom row (II-III) yields virtually the same number of points as the maximum-scoring order. The actual numbers will vary depending on the rooms you get, but for my first Delve offering, I wind up with 2610 points the unoptimized way and 2620 the most optimized way.

Edit: and for my next Delve, the “unoptimized” way actually is the highest possible score. Screw you, Bulette Lair, with your low points multiplier and your likely rearrangement of my team.

Edit: on a more open plan like Hall of Guardians there is a benefit to optimization. Just not this week with All-Seeing Eye.


I did that room and they screwed up my team order so when I went to the Dust Devils I just let one of them fill up again and cast to get my team in the proper order.

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What’s some good teams to go on this faction? I usually do delve on the hall of guardians, so don’t know which troops are better for all-seeing eyes.

Wooohooooo! $$$$$

I mean, umm, another gem sink. Cool. Cool.

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Interesting find! Now I know it’s safe to use my norma strategy.

For me, I still take it a unlimited normal Delve: beating rooms in order that will make the whole run easier; beating hard room with first, then back to easier ones. Leaving the rooms that give extra attack/magic as the last group.

But most important of all, don’t leaving any rooms behind, and don’t use fraction team to make your run unnecessary harder, as you can still use your normal Delve Scroll to do that in the actual Underworld once you reach desired points.

3 below troop can be varied, but choosing top one that got Ward/High Ancestry/Undying/Impervious immunity trait is preferable. You don’t want to randomly lose your troop to deathmark!

This team is working alright for me at the moment


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Well, thanks for the answers. The biggest problem is I don’t have many mythics (pharos-ra, megavore, draakulis, stonehammer, pestilence, ketras).

I was searching for some looping team to use megavore, I’ll come out with something

Is this tier 4 purchase the only way to obtain Jar of Eyes? Jar%20of%20Eyes