Faction Event: All-Seeing Eye


How do you score points in this event? All we are told on the help page is 100 points times the multiplier for regular rooms, or 200 for the boss room. Given that all multipliers are multiples of 0.05, we should only see scores that end in 0 or 5. Ever. But a quick perusal of the leaderboard suggests that there is an additional way to gain/lose points.


It looks like that, because the weapon is not in the Soulforge.


Also, does the dust devils appear in the event? How do handle the change of positions? Do you wait to make them cast another time or you beat the room in the end or you skip?


How many Valravens did you get?
I got one from my 1st Delve and he gave me 2 sigils… Unlimited delving :thinking:.


I’ve come across Dust Devils once. I gave them yellow mana and let one of them cast again to put my team back in order. I was at a pretty low level when that happened I don’t know if it’s worth doing that at higher level and risk the ai getting enough skulls to kill one of my troops.


I found 2 valravens using the 3 free sigils


I see the timer ingame, but the ingame timers have been known to be off sometimes, so just to be clear, this is just a one day event yes?


Maybe we get another chance to get the weapon on Sept 25th? Hoping for Dev confirmation since Jar of Eyes only being available today is on several people’s minds.


Yes, it’s the new norm for weekly Tuesday event now, just like Pet Rescues and Class Events for Wednesday/Thursday.


Yes it is, 3 days events starts at Fridays. (9 CET)


Thanks, then i guess that’s another reason to go for lower level delving on events, 'cause this will take some time, the weapon in TierIV was a trap, too many tokens! Hopefully i don’t get harassed by Valravens.^^


What do you mean by tokens? Siglis? If so, each Siglis only count for a room, not a whole Dvelve run. As I somehow believed at first. My logic sense/abilities is not on top in the morning…


You actually could, but they said Valravens was more rare in the Dvelve events.


Yeah i meant sigils, and no that isn’t how it works for me, i use one sigil per run.


hmm, do one siglis count for 1 run…holy moses…


Yeah, just checked. Thats a lot of job to do, I bought tier 6 as well. :stuck_out_tongue:


Tier 6 ugh, well i’d say you have your day planned out then.^^


Lets see how much I manage. As it gets more difficulty it takes more time… (cries)


So the point of this if I already don’t have time to do three delves in a day is??

Spend Gem it is!!

Sorry, not falling for it. :rofl:


Delving is tons more fun than I thought it would be, this is a very addictive game mode!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for such awesome content! Keep it coming, and I’ll be here until the very, very sad day the servers shut down!!!