Faction Event: All-Seeing Eye


What team are you running Eika?


For now. double purple banner.


Oh lol! Using two of my (almost) most hated troop!

May have to try it. Heehee


Things are going quite well, although I might ended up writing Yasmine+Yao Guai fan fiction before the event ended. :rofl:


Sigils count as a full delve run, not per battle. So 55 sigils would be like having 55 delve scrolls to do in one day…


I know right. It has already been confirmed by @Gouki


Sorry I was playing catch up, reading all the posts! I hope you are having a great morning! :hugs:


The nice thing with this event is that it gives a lot of Chaos Shrads. Ingots too, perhaps. :ok_hand:


@Drathas. noooo, spending gems gets you lots of delve runs, if you can’t do them because of time restraints, only spend a few gems to go as far as you have the time for. Or spend no gems and use your free three delve sigils, you still get nice rewards for doing a full run.



Mega vote

First game in - realised I forgot Ra and Sunsail both convert yellow. :rofl:


Mega vote might be nice in later stages, when CPU have 70-100+ armors, thanks for the tip! :+1:


Here’s my plan.

… removed …

chest level bonus from quality isn’t added if you don’t defeat the boss level, so I need a new plan


Gems get you treasures and chaos shards in addition to the scrolls. If you don’t want to Delve, you might still want to purchase the tiers for those (I did).


So far it’s a two Behmoth cast team wipe.


Soon enough you will need 8, son. :grin:


That’s a valid point, I was just suggesting, for someone that doesn’t really have the free time to do a lot of delves, it’s probably not necessary.


Wow why is the weapon tier so expensive? Is there other way to get the weapon?


Is it necessary? Will you use it? Do you need it? If not, why would anyone use gems to get it beyond the other rewards…


All other event weapons can be crafted on the soulforge.


That’s only for the week long events, raid/invasion, as far as I know. Wouldn’t it cost the same resources to craft anyway?

They update soulforge at reset Sunday night for the entire week starting on Monday through the following Sunday, they don’t add/subtract stuff from the forge midweek, that I am aware of.