Faction Event: All-Seeing Eye


Why points dont scale with your current level in the event? This is so abusable lol


The one at 20-40 seems to not do the Boss battle, so they dont level up?


They are using their sigils how they want to, I have no issue with that. I can guarantee you, if you defeat boss room, you get better rewards. So, in a way, they are suffering a self-imposed handicap by having to use more delves to compete with people progressing by defeating boss battles…

I’m not interested in doing lv 200+ delves… So, I’m happy I have this option.


Spot on, on quality level 10 for a dvelve event they will lose out on + 3 quality on chests for not doing the Boss room.


I am not saying do it or not, but in every other event like raids, invasions, bounty… you get more points at higher levels. You can still choose to stay lower and do more, but there is an incentive to do better and not waste gems and time.


Let me ask you something, are you aiming for the number 1 reward which is the Power Orb?


Me personally no. Not going for the leaderboard. Bought up to tier 4 to get the weapon


Defearing boss gives you +1 chest, and then the faction hoard bonuses… I think there is plenty of incentive to kill boss room. You want points to be much higher per delve as you get higher in difficulty (and you do because you kill boss), yet we all get the same sigils if we use our gems… I think it’s a bit unfair to think people should be even further penalized for using sigils the way they prefer…


Then why it matter so much for you how people spend their sigils?


Do you get the same points for a LV 20 delve as the higher lvs?


@Fleg it depends on room rng, each delve can have common-mythic rooms, but without killing boss you miss out on the guaranteed chest upgrade and your hoard quality level bonuses…

So, even if points are the same, you do not get the same rewards in terms of chests, because you would not be killing boss room…


It doesn’t, I already said that. But if I do 1 battle at Raid boss level 500 I get more points than someone who is lower, and they can still choose to lose on purpose and just do more battles on lower level.


You have no idea how many sigils it took them to match scores, unless you know they are fighting the same amount of battles, getting the same amount of points, it’s simply you assuming they are getting as many points per delve as you. They can do 100 delves, you do 50, and they have the same points as you… Would you really want it to be they need to do unlimited delves to compete with you, or anyone, doing much harder delves?

I think the point you are trying to make is: If you do lv 500 delves, you should have top scores, and no one doing anything beneath lv 500 delves, should even have the ability to compete with you… I could be wrong, but it sounds like you are trying to say points should be tied to delve level, and not individual battles in each delve…


So should I be doing lowest multiplier rooms first or no difference?


That’s up to you @Fleg, play how you want to.


You should do the highest multiplier rooms first where possible. Here, specifically, it doesn’t really matter.

If you do the high rooms first, you get the benefit of the high multiplier for all the other rooms. If you do them last, you keep a lower multiplier for longer.

Edit: speaking purely in terms of event points.


Yup, it takes 30 minutes to complete a delve run at level 150 and it takes 5 minutes on level 20. Your time and effort should be rewarded with significant point difference just like in every other event where you can still spend on quantity of battles


@jzg, I thought that was your point.

I will have to agree to disagree. People using their gems for sigils should be able to use them however they want. Forcing delve progression would limit the delve event to end game players, and I don’t see that as fair. (And I am an end game player)…


I think the best answer so far is “we don’t know”.

I think further up Grundulum compared scores and they were different by 10 points, then on his next try he got the theoretical maximum from the “worst” way. There are a couple of people who think maybe we don’t know how all the points are awarded, because the devs’ explanation of the scores shouldn’t total up to some of the scores people are getting. Could there be a bug? Almost certainly. But since the game doesn’t show us how it calculates the score, we’ll never be able to prove it!

RE the other conversation (not really your question, Fleg):

I also think it’s goofy a person who plays a level 500 Delve doesn’t get more points than someone who plays a level 20 Delve. My mind just likes that.

However, let’s recognize this event does reset you to what, level 20 at the start? So it’s not like a player has no choice. If the easiest way to the leaderboard is playing at level 20, anyone can do it. What the leaderboards show us (and it’s still early) is that both strategies work.

Me, personally, I don’t care about the leaderboard. My goal today is to get as much treasure as possible. That means beating the boss room.


And that’s what the delve 20, 30 level players are missing out on. I have no problem with that.