Faction Event: All-Seeing Eye



If you skip the boss, you lose a chest upgrade from the boss. OK, that’s expected.

You don’t seem to lose the x2 ingots, etc: click on your hoard and click on quality, you will see “Increasing your Hoard’s Quality gives a boost to all Rewards earned from a Delve Chest”.

But you also lose the level upgrades to the chest from quality! On the left side of the screen is “+x Delve Chest Level” “Earned after Defeating the Boss Room”.

So we can’t farm at low level and get a high chest level!


That’s where the best rewards come from… souls, glory, gold? blahhh…

Raising quality level is awesome, not getting that at the end of a delve sucks.


True. If your Hoard is quality 10, though, you either got stupid lucky with your upgrades, or you’re getting enough stat bonuses to make the first several Delves straightforward.


Of course, you will miss points if you stay at level 20.

From help center:
“For normal Delve Rooms you’ll receive 100 Points x the Room Treasure Multiplier. For Boss Rooms you’ll receive 200 Points x the Room Treasure Multiplier”

It’s quicker, safer, less chance to miss valraven and it will not affect your non-event delve if you stay at level 20. However, you will miss points, rewards from higher delve chests and you will miss valravens from boss battle.

Everyone should decide what is better for them.


You get five stars from me for that comment! :hugs:


Here’s what I think from a non-competitive perspective.

Faction events are going to be very good for amassing a lot of treasure/chaos shards. But this one is going to be disappointing because it’s so early.

I think you want to beat the boss room until you are at or around your highest level in the faction. Then you have a tough choice. If you’ve been holding your level down, this is probably the best day to try the next one so long as you are confident. Once you start losing on purpose to the boss, you lose your chest level bonuses. This is why I think “this one will be disappointing” but future ones will be good.

Ideally, you will have already upgraded your hoard for the faction kingdom. Today, that may not be true if you’ve been boosting Hall of Guardians. That means you’re missing chest multipliers and a lot of stats. I’m in that boat: my ASE hoard is at 0. Oh well: this must means I’m losing less when I don’t finish a boss room. But in the future, I can see people having hoarded enough treasure to get to at least quality 4 on day 1 and it will get more interesting.

Ideally, you will have pushed the faction very high. That means following my strategy will get you more chests since you stop later in faction events. That may not be true for you this week: if you’ve been holding your levels back your ASE level is lower. That combined with a low-level hoard might mean “you just can’t do all the reward tiers this week”.

So tl;dr:

  • Faction events will be most profitable when you’ve already leveled the faction and its hoard.
  • But it’s so early that’s not true for a lot of people this week.
  • So I expect a lot of griping this week, but in future events people will be more positive.


I’m conflicted. I rather like this Faction event, but I also don’t want to encourage more game modes like these sigil events. Its still better than Raid/Invasion though.

I just want another mode I can spend my time on that isn’t explore or pvp…


To clear the confusion, this is the quote from Help Center

For normal Delve Rooms you’ll receive 100 Points x the Room Treasure Multiplier. For Boss Rooms you’ll receive 200 Points x the Room Treasure Multiplier.

For not beating the boss room, they lose not just some small points, but close to 400-900 points. Pretty big point if you ask me.

Leaderboard in every events is a bit Pay-to-win with a mix of skill involved. But this one is quite different. Its Pay-to-win factor is bigger, and the best, easiest way to get highest score to to buy the most gems as possible then farming on lowest level. And… that could generate such a big profit for publishers.

However… using your skill still matter here. Sure, you might have to spend more time to get the same score as the above group, but for your lose time, you get to spend every sigils to its full potential, get all the rewards you deserve, by using much less gams than those who’re chasing Learderboard. So in the end, players’ effort is still rewarded, just in a different way.


  • Is it open to abuse? Absolutely.
  • Is it intended? Maybe.
  • Is it a bad thing? Not really.
  • Is it profitable to everyone? Yes.


The problem is making such an event rewarding.

Another game mode to do, with crap rewards, probably wouldn’t be good for the game or the community.

But I do understand what you’re saying, and I agree, it would be nice…


The Jar of Eyes is from Darkstone and not All Seeing Eye.

Has anyone tried to beat the boss with 3x faction troops and the Jar of Eyes, and seen if it gives the renown bonus for using faction troops?


I can confirm the LV of the delve makes 0 difference to what score you get.


So any mathematicians know for best score whether to do 3 top rooms first for the legendary room or the epic middle room first?


Yes, I do happen to know. Read the first few posts in the thread and you will too! :stuck_out_tongue:


Given the rng are you certain there’s no difference? So far I’m getting between 1850-1969 points for doing all rooms except the boss. That’s doing top 3 rooms first.


Tell you what: if you or anyone else wants to tell me the multipliers for your rooms, I will compute the optimal path. (The code takes less than a second to run, and I made no attempts to optimize it.) But I reserve the right to not check the forums for a few hours, so don’t rely on me for each Delve you want to do!


Why we get x2 Champion XP during the Event and only one during stnadard delve runs?


Is your delve level reset to pre-event level or does it remain the highest reached once the event ends?


Highest level. If you finish level 90 in the Delve, you will return to All-Seeing Eye to find that it is also level 90.


So far everything is going smooth.
Two Valravens, no Dust Devils found.
At my worst i ran away from a delve with a Chest Level 2, at my best i ran away with a Chest Level 6.


Just finish all the reward stages. So far found 3 Valravens.

My opinions.

  • If you don’t have the weapon yet, go for it.
  • If you already do, buying just Tier II might be enough to get all rewards. Tier III for more garanteed result.
  • Keep clearing all rooms seems to be the best strategy.
  • It ended exactly at Level 100, perfect level to farm to me, while still easy to get the fraction team renown.
  • Leaderboard in this mode is the “Loserboard” in its purest form.

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