Dev Q&A (Get Your Questions In!) Thursday




Will the Imp troops ever get their own kingdom?


I think you could add Apocalypse and Guardian :wink: (so 3 new kingdoms).


Any chance of adding additional vip perks perhaps free vip keys per week for certain vip levels?


Is gems of war going to be brought to any other platforms? For example Linux on steam or Nintendo?


Here is my question. How often do the devs play GoW? And I’m not talking about on test servers. I mean playing around the level 1,000, fully traited part of the game. The end game level where most of the frustrated players are. The level where the frustrated people are starting to leave the game. The level where people have the best input about what can be done to make the game better for everyone.


Can crafting materials be added to treasure maps in some way? Doesn’t need to be much, just something so we can grind materials for the soulforge in some way.


This is a really good question, but it’s wrong to think that level 1000 players know what will make the game best for everyone. When I was a low-level player, traits hadn’t been introduced yet. Heck, keys still awarded you three troops, and the troop selection screen scrolled sideways. (There are plenty of people here who have been around even longer.)

Times have changed since then, and while I know what is right/wrong with the end-game, the early game has changed so much that there is no way I could reasonably comment on it. (I could repeat what other early game players have said, such as how GW is frustrating when you draw that one soldier with a 9900-point team and you don’t even have any kingdoms at level 10. But that’s hearsay.) The developers, on the other hand, have a responsibility to all players to deliver an engaging game. What looks horrible at high levels can be awesome at lower levels: a straight +2 boost to a troop’s magic is nigh-meaningless on a level 20 troop with maxed kingdoms, but pretty sweet for a level 50 player still trying to level up the troops on their team.


Will Dragon Soul ever get it’s own unique third trait?


Or even checking the little box on the Microsoft form that makes Gems of War a “Play Anywhere” title. (so the collection across)


When will Crafting be reworked so that we can make use of the huge piles of irrelevant currency and stones (in the endgame) to target troops or resources we actually need?


I asked nim about it and she said devour is cool and black beast is one of her favorite troop


Can confirm Nim likes Black Beast.


One thing I have never seen anyone ask yet on the forums …

When will we be able to not only gem prioritize, but also develop troop conditions in which to maximize the effectiveness of our troops in teams? (this would be for defense only of course)

(Currently this is entirely handled by the AI and at most times the AI plays as well as a wet paper bag in the wind.)

For those curious what I mean by troop conditions. Example being when condition A is satisfied on ally side, and condition B is satisfied on ally side, and troop is powered to go, to execute their move, but only if enemy troop is at condition A. Or simply in this more involved condition setup : And concerning this example being troop 1 for conditions. Troop 2 condition A of being powered is true, Gem condition B of x number of green on the board is true, and enemy troop condition A is met with furthest powered troop is at 50% mana.

I really feel being able to set up conditionals for the AI will allow it to emulate more on how we play over something static as it is now.

Maybe some might feel this is a bit more complicated. Though what the developers can do is allow you to check [use default AI] [use custom AI]. And then from there users who want to customize the AI can do so.


This has come up before, and isn’t ever going to happen. First, it’s a huge amount of work for the devs with no likely content or monetary benefit. Second, apparently Apple prohibits the kind of code in apps that’d be needed to do this.


I’m going to answer this one now!

As the game has grown, it was inevitable that our lead developers (Nimhain and Sirrian) would get busier and busier. As such, they won’t be interacting with the forums in the same capacity as in the past. They’re still around, but their time is being increasingly demanded. As such, there isn’t the same amount of wiggle room to produce graphs or a detailed breakdown on why a decision was made every time there is a query. (Also, the amount of questions and demands has risen exponentially as opposed to the past!)

This is one of the reasons that we are bringing this Q & A, so you can talk to the devs more directly. This also allows them to put aside a very specific amount of time in order to chat, answer queries and let everyone know where the development process is in real time. I’m sure a wisp question will get through for dev time, so they can explain a little further on this particular issue.

We are aiming at having these Q & A’s once (if not more!) a month, so instead of there being a longer wait, you will be able to have a direct line of communication more often. This will be in addition to me being around and clarifying things, as well as when other developers pop on the forums. (Which they are likely to still do.) It won’t be exactly the same as before, but the Q & A’s are one of the ways we are implementing to address this issue, at least in part.


When will you stop to take questions?

Will similar questions get fused? Or devs will have to answer 5 questions about Wisp? :stuck_out_tongue:


Questions that are very similar will be fused. I will stop taking questions tomorrow.


Will we get more dollar packs in the future such as:

  • microtransactions (few dollars for few arcane of our choice)
  • alternative visual for troops (cough cough Christmas Mab)
  • 5$-pack with the alternative visual for skulls (St Patrick and I don’t remember the other one…)



Can’t believe I let someone ask this one before me lol.