Dev Q&A Question Gathering Time!


You read that correctly, the illutrious Sirrian and Nimhain will be joining the stream again next week for another round of Dev Q&A. Like last time, the top 10 questions posted here with the most likes will get asked on Stream. Feel free to join our stream to ask further questions, and knowing me I will throw a few others in that I think are relevant and/or fun. Also, try not to make the questions to long or multiparters, if they are too complex I will cut them down and simplify them.

It’s looking like the stream will be next Tuesday at 10 AM AEDT, or Monday 7PM EST, but this could change so take the date as a tentative plan.

Without further ado, go go go!

(I’m also working on getting one of the publishers on stream in December, fingers crossed!)

EDIT: Just so we don’t get our wires crossed, here are the questions and answers from the last Q&A Stream.)

Pharos Ra Support Group... All Welcome... 😭

Will we see a new mythic weapon before Christmas?


When is the next big update? And what it content?


I can answer that now @Rickygervais! We have one more major update planned this year before Christmas, and it will include the rest of the UI.


I mean after this one when UI will be done


Will there be an increase in event keys earned per week?


What are the devs thoughts on the scarcity of event keys overall and not having event keys available in glory bundles anymore?


What is the next project after UI?


Will there finally come a Horsewoman for Apocalypse? And will Apocalypse get its own Kingdom with PL on the map?


When are you going to rework pvp system?


There are still a large number of people expressing concerns about the UI and how it is preventing them from playing for extended periods of time due to health reasons. What further steps are you taking to address these concerns?


Do you intend to change any aspects of the new UI in the next update? Making numbers larger, bordering text, etc.?

E: oh, come on, @Lyya.


When are you going to rework arena?


Are you planning a patch with major troop reworks in it ? Especially for Epic to Mythic troops?


Will we ever get a gorilla troop?

You can name him Vangor

Seriously… Im not trolling


Are you planning a new Arena where one can choose 1 epic/1 legendary/1 mythic troop?


Any plans to make VIP rewards more rewarding?


When are you going to release new hero classes?


We already have a gorilla on these boards to take care of, we doesnt need one in Krystara too hehe just joking :stuck_out_tongue: I would loved to see a Mythic Gorilla wildfolk.


When world map will be full are you gonna expend the map or you gonna stop release new kingdom?