Dev Q&A (Get Your Questions In!) Thursday


You heard me correctly, this week will be our first official Developer Q&A! It will be taking place on our Twitch channel here: It will run Thursday 10 AM ADT, which is Wednesday 7 PM EST.

Now, we know that not everyone is going to be able to make the Stream, so we will be taking questions here. The top 10 questions in this thread with the most likes will be asked (within reason!) to our illustrious @Sirrian and @Nimhain. (We reserve the right to skip over questions that are unnecessarily incendiary.)

Are you excited? I’m excited! After the video has been filmed I will start to edit a video for Youtube.


Is there a set number of kingdoms that you plan on releasing, or is the plan to just keep cranking them out over time for the foreseeable future?


Are there going to be other ways to get jewels? They seem to be only available through Dungeon


Can we expect that there will be more uses for copies of troops after you have 4x mythic in the future, other than disenchanting? In the past I’ve suggested a way of sacrificing them to make them less likely to appear in chests so over time your chests are more and more likely to drop troops you need (which of course could be capped). For instance, Sacrifice 500 goblins for a 50% reduction in likelihood of that troop appearing in chests


Eta on PvP rework.


What complaints will the next patch fix, so people can maybe stop complaining a little early.


It’s a good news :slight_smile: .

EDIT: one question by topic, I did.


Hello there. GOW is a very good game . In China there are a lot of players loving this game. However, lacking Chinese version makes them difficult to play it well. Would you please consider official Chinese version? And, if yes, when will it be launched?


Have you considered adding a PvP format in addition to Casual and Ranked, where troops are limited to one per team ( a Restricted format)?


Any plans to stop Dawnbringer from showing as an AI-controlled defense in Arena?


(Just reminding you to make sure you like other players questions, as the questions with the most likes will be asked to the devs.)

@turintuor that is more than one question. :stuck_out_tongue: If you really want to ask each of them please do so in a separate post so people can like the specific one they want answered. (A broad question with a small follow up question, however, is allowed. Such as being asked if we will consider a Chinese version, and if we do, a rough time period of when it will be launched.)


Could you share with us on the workflow processes and thought processes on how new troops are designed (for eg. testing phase, do you consider existing metas when coming up with mechanics, or future meta you wish to introduce etc.)



I remember you told me after crafting you guys going to rework how pvp points works. Is it still on the table?


About the pvp rewards any plan to adjust them?

#1 get only 50 gems for a full week of hard work make no sense


Surprised no one has asked when Wisp will be nerfed.

My question is will an arena rework happen anytime soon? I love arena but the gold sucks and dawnbringer is just too OP


Any plan to add some hero armor in the soulforge?


Any plans to add crafting materials to legendary tasks?


in GW when are we going to see the single troop bonus for defense and the best 27 players for the total?


I second any Wisp-related questions. And the power creep in general.

I would also like to know why devour is an okay mechanic to have.


That’s coming with 3.2 that has already been said I believe.