Dev Q&A (Get Your Questions In!) Thursday


Any plans to add other craftable only troops not necessarily mythic only.


Nope 3.2 is the UI i also asked salty
About this during her stream and she said it was not planned for 3.2


Is the plan to still have full synchronization with pc and console or will console always be a bit behind, but maybe only a few troops?


Pretty sure it was said on stream it was planned for 3.2


What is the end game for gems? Is it this game, or is there a complete new version being worked on? A sequel?


Is it possible to eliminate the set PvP defense and you fight a random team your opponent has built? This would go a long way in eliminating having to fight the same teams over and over and over again.


Lot of troops are useless, any hope to see more kingdom rework?


Any plans to add more mechanics to allow for balancing?


What is the long term plan on releasing Mythic troops? About how many will be released (one per kingdom?
more?) or will it be indefinite? Any plans on 4+ color troops?


Will there be a mythic Imp?


What about the rest of the banner color combinations? It stands to reason that, for balance/equity purposes, we get the rest of the +2/+1/-1 combinations, or at least a large number of them (pretty sure “the rest” is out of the question).

Possibly something like an “improved” version of each of the existing +1/+1 banners. i.e. Blighted Lands’ banner is a ‘better’ Ghulvania banner.


Is there going to be anything done about the “globs” of gems created by forest trolls and others, and how they are figured to trigger different traits?


Hi Saltypatra.
My question is regarding tribute.
Is it possible that kingdom tribute will be boosted. If I am right it’s currently maxed at 15 and the lowest you can get is a single kingdom tribute. So now there’s a lot more kingdoms it would be great to see slightly more even if the chances of a 16,17 or even 18 one would be very rare.
Plus it would be rather nice to have stackable tributes, say 3 maximum, for console players.
If I’m talking bollocks please ignore.


Tell us about plans to rework old kingdoms and buff old troops to get more playable options. Please :smile:


It is possible (albeit rare!) to get no tributes at all, even with all kingdoms maxed. Likewise, the chance at a 16+ is less than 1 in 700, iirc. That is months of collection for a normal player, which may explain why it seems impossible.


when Hero’s boost occurs?


why Wisp was designed as OP as he is?


19 troops for kingdom power level 9, 24 for 10, is there any solutions planned (count the Challenges done for example)?


is an Arena’s rework planned?


Dawnbringer OPness in Arena was detected as an issue or not?