Dev Q&A (Get Your Questions In!) Thursday


What changed internally that the design-a-troop competition went from “our legal staff says no” to “let’s do this!”?


I can answer this, our legal team and publisher figured out how to make it work. That is all. :stuck_out_tongue:


Will the Seasonal Imps ever be rebalanced?

They are essentially the hardest to obtain legends, but are also some of the worst.

Partially related, will transforming enemies be revisited?

Currently a grand total of 0 viable troops use the transform enemy mechanic.


Will the map be extendend for more than a few new kingdoms left?


Guild tasks give you some


No Jewels are not in Tasks. Only Shards are in Guild tasks. Currently right now the jewels I see are only available in the Dungeon, daily, the bonus and for purchase.


You get shards and diamonds from Guild Tasks.
Jewels are craftable, you need 100 souls and 500 shards to craft them.


After 4x speed was introduced the rewards for tasks was reduced.
Now that we no longer get mana surges on 4x matches and the game has been slowed down, are we going to see rewards increased?

As pointed out below. The game has become harder and therefore win rate is down. Hint hint (less gold).


Are full collections (every single troop at least unlocked) intended to eventually be possible for players starting the game today? Related question: is the one mythic per month release schedule currently slated to continue indefinitely?

Any plans for a paid subscription service that scales better to endgame than Daily Gems and includes more relevant items than Path to Glory I & II?


Any plans to do anything else with traitstones in the future, aside from traiting new troops (and using celestial in soulforge)? When can we expect to see another mythic weapon? Any plans for forgable hero weapons that are more support oriented (in particular, board mod)?


Any rework plans for treasure maps? Many players don’t do them aside from Snotstone weeks


Any plans / considerations for GW rewards rebalance?


My questions is similar enough, but I’ll phrase it a bit differently.

What is the planned direction for GoW over the next two years?

(I doubt all the time and money put into the Unity rewrite will go to waste, but I am extremely frustrated by the current state of the game, seeming lack of direction, and over-sold under delivered features like the Dungeon.)


Are there any plans to return the old way of community interaction? Involving the community in upcoming changes and responding to their concerns in a timely fashion?

Picking Wisp as an example, the old way would have been an extensive explanation from Sirrian which parts of Wisp are considered balanced and which parts are scheduled for a rework, backed up by some data charts. The new way is saying that Wisp may eventually get looked at, with months of silence to follow.


Any plans to improve and properly maintain the rules on forum?
As far as I hear from others and what I experience by myself, this forum lost the good spirit of once great GoW community.
Many players who have read and contributed on this forum are disgusted by current state so they do not bother to visit it any more.


Any plans to nerf all the OP troops that’s we’ve been complaint about for months? Details on specific troops to be targeted would be very nice.


Any plans to address PvP defenses so there’s not the same few horribly obnoxious teams? (E.g., by requiring players to lock in multiple options, or by a round of nerfs.)


Also, can you please post the responses here after!


Which troop is based on devs the counter for Wisp?
When there was a goblin meta, you came with Gob-Chomper so I am quite interested which single troop should handle Wisp.


How is decided the amout of snots which is needed in weekly events?
Some weeks like this one are laughably easy and the request for maximum is only 150 but there are weeks where you have to kill specific troops in PVP (not in explore) and you set max target to 200. This doesn’t seem like a good planning to me.