Dev Q&A (Get Your Questions In!) Thursday


The game splash shows 3 companies - can you explain what their roles are and how it works in practice?


What other games do you guys have planned for the future? Will you stay in F2P or are you considering another premium release?


With the move to Unity laying a proverbial “new foundation” is there a possibility that we might see a GoW 2 on the horizon?

Furthermore given the player base would I+2 consider that game to have a cost with all content included or will you follow the freemium model?


We currently have exactly one of each color for the “choice converters” (Alchemist, Apothecary, Hellcat, etc) alongside numerous random spawners of gems. Will we be getting more choice converters in the future, perhaps in the next round of GW troops?


Any plans on making PVP defense teams more varied? Getting really tired of playing against the same Kraken/Mab/Wisp/Troll teams again and again.


Do you have any plans/thoughts of implementing defense incentives (the ones that are suppose to be added to gw in a while /soon tm/ ) also to pvp?


Can we get an android / ios companion app for console players? Mass Effect has one…


I don’t play on console, but I agree with you. Being able to collect tribute while at work/on the go is very beneficial.


Now that the code base is under the same umbrella with only a few differences (daily tasks) and troop synchronization nearly complete - what’s the chance of having console/PC/mobile crossplay in the future? Even if it’s only for a few features, like opening up PVP to more opponents instead of the same few opponents over and over, or accounts being stored in same database/server so we could load our xbox account on mobile or PC and/or access redemption codes. (sorry, PlayStation, but unfortunately Sony is the only company that won’t allow crossplay still)

Obviously, some features may or may not benefit players totally, like I’d imagine console guilds that aren’t top ranked would probably drop way down if Guilds and Guild wars were intertwined, though if only PVP were crossplay, that would allow for separate guilds systems still. Followup, has there been any thought at all towards this possibility? The benefits, the problems, the resulting changes?


Can we remove Minor (and Runic) Traitstones from legendary tasks yet?


Another take on this…

Tasks were nerfed because players could earn gold faster.

The AI changes cause players to lose more than they did pre-Unity (in some cases significantly) and therefore earn resources slower.

Removing match-4 surges, even if it was ultimately a good decision, also slowed down gameplay.

Gameplay has been forcibly slowed down twice after nerfing tasks due to fast gameplay. Will rewards be adjusted to compensate?


Wasn’t one of the big unsung changes of the LT rework that they removed Minors?


Are there any plans in the near future to make it easier for to find a decent guild, and to recruit and communicate as a guild? Guilds are really central to the game and there’s so much inefficiency…


Are there any plans to address how Common troops are the most difficult to ascend to Mythic? Seeing as nobody wants to fork over 19k Glory on an event troop or spend six sorry, seven million gold on chests just for the one troop


I’d like to know what the little symbol on a person’s profile page is supposed to do.

The one that has 2 characters in cloaks facing away from each other with a heart between them. It just says “Coming Soon”, but has said that for quite awhile now…


You said in the 3.1.5 issues thread that the removal of the kingdom crests from troops was intentional. Whether or not this change will be undone, I’d be genuinely very interested what the reason behind the decision to remove them was.


What is the module Q1 reference for webspinner on the victory screen?


Just googled it and found this which seems likely.


when coming the daily quests from console to pc?


The real question everyone wants answered…in my mind…is when will rhynax get buffed? :sunglasses: