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Dev Q and A Question Gathering Time (Questions In!)

EDIT 17/1/18

Here are your questions!

  • What are you currently working on?

  • When is 3.3 coming and will it add the 27/30 guild wars scoring option?

  • Is there any news regarding particle effects, status effects and transparency in 3.3?

  • Are there any plans to rework PVP Defence incentives to encourage players to use different troops?

  • Are you intending for troops that explode gems to be the strongest in the game? Is there a plan to introduce troops that encourage other play styles?

  • Could we have a larger variety of weekly events? (And less with treasure maps?)

  • Are there any updates concerning the new Guild Wars troops?

  • Will the Dragon Soul receive a unique legendary trait?

  • Would you consider adding a trait that counters spell damage?

  • Will you add the old event weapons to the SoulForge? Or add them to the store?

  • Are there any plans to add a ‘play again’ button at the end of an Explore or Quest battle?

  • Would Infinity+2 consider doing any charity drives? And if so, how could players get involved?

The Stream will be on Friday 1 PM AEDT, which is 9 PM EST


You heard it here first, this week we are doing another Dev Q and A! Our tentative schedule is to run it on Friday 12 midday AEDT, which is 8 PM Thursday EST.

As always, the ten questions with the most likes will be asked to the devs on Stream. (With extra bonus questions that I like being thrown in for good measure.)

So adventurers, get asking!

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Any plan to add double race for hero?

When is Nimhain Lair?

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Any new mythic weapon soon?


Any plan to increase player pool from pvp?


Can you tell us more about incoming new game mode?


Are console Daily Tasks getting an update/refresh and moving to PC in the next update?


Any plans to improve Doomclaw?

Are there any plans to introduce a kingdom we can target for celestial traitstones in explore, or any other way to facilitate obtaining them (such as additional sources of jewels)?

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Any plans to improve Gargantaur?


When is 3.3 coming, will it add the 27/30 guild wars scoring option?


Why Liverpool able to beat City?


Any plan to add more way to collect event keys?


A long time ago we had threads about GoW merch products:

Is this even on the “Maybe someday…” list?

In Salty’s last stream (01/15/2018) she mentioned they still want to make something.

create shoctopus with the community was nice, any plan to do it again?

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When are you going to release shoctopus?

Any updates on improving the VIP system?


Are you going to rework mana shield and add immunity to mana steal/drain?


Do you have any new information about changing particles, status effects and the background transparency in 3.3 (basically health issue updates)?


Will the possibility to change the Treasure Hunt background back to the last visited kingdom’s background return (as the current one is the worst of them all for the eyes)?