GoW Figurines, we are allowed to dream!

I am hoping to see them some day!!!

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Mascots… Oh I could grab a huge green slime mascot :smiley:

the one kilo Great Maw Figurine on top of my television…mmm

battery-powered ? :smiley:

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Wouldnt complain if it was, also makes 30 differently roars by poking its head.:heart_eyes:

I would absolutely acclaim this suggestion…
A big Crimson Bat over my Bed…
This cant keep a Dream forever!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I want to see gems of war at PAX Prime this year. With lots of fuzzy critter toys.


Or hairless Ardvarks


That was actually really good.

I’ve yet to purchase anything in game. But I’m enough of a fan to admit that I’d totally purchase real-life goods.

A T-shirt with a pimp’n little green goblin in sunglasses saying “Now it’s my turn.”

Or a little Green Slime Figurine for about $15-25 US (not including shipping).

I’d honestly be interested in actual merchandise.

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Would be all over this. Great thread.

Mouse and pad
Case for my tablet

Hey Guys,

The idea of real life Gem of War merchandise is something we’d like to explore in the future. We would love to hear more ideas of what you guys would like to see, so we can use it for any future discussions.

In particular it would be cool if you would list:
What kind of merch you’d like to see? (eg. Figurines, t-shirts, plushies)
What characters you would like to see as merch?

I can’t promise anything but I would love to present your ideas to the rest of the team.



Dice bags!

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action figures :slight_smile: “barbie” tyri

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Top Picks (That I’d likely purchase):

  • Figurines (DnD or Amiibo sizes, preferably) - I’d like to collect little figures based off both the best or worst troops in the game. Unique poses or not, so long as they’re recognizable I’d love them. But they better be shipped careful and worldwide! I ain’t moving to Australia, even for awesome merch.
  • Plushies (Any size) - Troops like Goblins, Green Slime, and Sheggra/Maw are some of my top picks, anything cute, really.
  • T-Shirts (Any size) - Dark vs Light Celestasia VS. Shadow Dragon. Tyri + Treasure related picture. In-joke shirts, all the in-jokes. (Schwarzenegger Gar’Nok, “I’ll be (in the) back!”)

Other Good Picks (Can’t say I’d purchase them, but I’d consider them):

  • Dice Bags - Valkyrie, Goblin King, Jarl, please. :slight_smile:
  • Tins - Perfect for stuffing all my figurines into! (+2 Consideration if figurines a thing.)
  • Posters - Epic scenes of all kinds! Some in-jokes would be nice as well.
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T-Shirts for me. They’re universal, inexpensive, anyone can get them. I’ve got a range of similarly themed (i.e. from games) T-Shirts from J!NX and so on.


T-shirts are always good
Figurines (similar to the Japanese ones, though other sizes are cool too)
And everyone loves plushies

I’d totally get a figurine of Mercy, Ice Witch, Valk or Skeleton

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I want a plushy Shadow Dragon, purple with a yellow tummy. Please, Santa?

Edit: Or a brown t-shirt with a yellow Great Maw that says “The Worm Has Turned”.


Frisbees with the dragons on them.

Figs that I can use in my krystara themed D&D campaign.