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Developer Q&A (20th August)

Hello adventurers, the time has come for another Developer Q & A!

On Sunday at 6 30 PM PDT (which is 11 30 am AEST on Monday for you fellow Aussies) Sirrian and Nimhain will be gracing our Twitch channel with their incredible knowledge and charisma. They will be discussing some aspects of the new Update, the lore of Krystara, and whatever else takes their fancy. (Closer to the date I will have a more detailed breakdown of the subjects they will be touching on.)

At the end of the stream there will be 15-20 minutes of free-for-all question time where you can ask them whatever you want! Make sure to keep these questions kind and relevant if you want them to be answered. Also, if we have answered a question in the past, it won’t be posed again. :slight_smile:

With that, I can’t wait to see you there! And for those that don’t have it, here is a link to our Twitch Channel.


I haven’t watched one of these before. Date saved :slight_smile:

I’d like a Sirrian technical answer on the freeze/slowdown and how it’s a Unity bug.

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Are there still any plans to add hotkeys for keyboard on PC/Steam for actions that already exist on controller? That includes things such as casting abilities and targeting enemies with hotkeys.


Are there any plans to include the new resources in the $ shop?


Will there be some new sources of gems? They are needed in insane quantities: all sorts of events, soulforge, dungeon…


Also would like to see a manual sort to move teams around in the troop menu.


What will be the means (Soulforge rotation, new game mode, etc.) and resources required to obtain previously released weapons?


Guild Wars and PVP should also get some kind of refresh with the next Update.
Any Details?

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Australia is ahead of the US West Coast, but not by 41 hours. Sunday evening US time would be Monday morning kangaroo time.

Now that we had time to « test » new class and weapon upgrades, are minor tweaks and corrections planned?


Are all the new troops and weapons (upgrades) tested by QA prior to release?
And is there any sort of ramifications for staff members failing to find bugs before New additions are released?

2 major bugs as of late, such as the “spiny” trait and weapon affixes. Make it appear like there is no culpability to bugs that should of been easily caught.


6 months ago, on the Panda express official thread, Sirrian said that the hero weapons from Raid boss and Invasion will reappear periodically in the Soulforge. 6 months later, no weapons ever reappeared.
I have members in my guild who were on holiday and are missing some of these weapons and they desire to know when they will be able to forge them.


Wait, is this the question collection thread or not? I am confused right now.:thinking:

If it is, I shall be asking lore questions because it says it will be a lore Q&A as well, yaaaay!
Lore question time!

  1. Leonis lore help after the Lorekeeper chapter, please? Was/is Ishbaala married to Khorvash or the new emperor? If she was married to Khorvash, what was her role in the rebellion? And what was that rebellion about?

  2. Why does the Dryad wear a blindfold?

  3. Given how pets give troops bonuses, are those animals actually considered ‘sacred’ in their respective kingdoms (like cows are in India)? Or is that a non-lore-relevant mechanic? (I just wanna know if Mab and Skadi build temples honoring the Snow Bunny, tbh…)

As I will 99% not be able to attend the stream, I shall instruct @Razzagor to make sure these and whatever other relevant lore questions he can think of are being asked. Please do it for me and the sake of bunnykind, friend!:hugs::rabbit:


This is not a question collection thread. As mentioned in the original post, sirrian and him will be speaking about key points regarding 4.0. I will also be collating answer follow up questions that are relevant from the chat. There will be a free for all for all your other questions at the end of the stream. :slight_smile:

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I think you should still select question from the thread, cause if you wait last 15-20 min everyone will ask questions at the same time, some stupid one and some good one and you will probably miss 50% of the question


Can we get overall guild stats to stay after quitting guild and joining a new one?

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That won’t ever happen. At a push you could hope for 2 stats, a guild one and an overall one.

What is it like to be a developer?

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@Tacet Would love if you can push this question to them during the Q&A

It might not be too important if you farm for an hour or two but any more then it becomes a pain in the back, especially when all you’re doing in those fights is just casting abilities back to back