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Dev Q and A Question Gathering Time!

It’s that time again, team! Hit us with your questions and the ten most liked suggestions will be posed to our favourite devs on stream next week. (Next week will also bring you two streams! Your regularly scheduled Salty Plays and a bonus Developer Q and A!)

I will gather the most popular questions on Wednesday, as well as a few bonus ones the team likes. Ready, set… get asking!!!

[Edit (Sirrian): Slight change of plan, due to a meeting Nim & myself need to attend on Thursday… Dev Q&A will be on Tuesday, and we’ll be having a Salty-Stream on Thursday instead - so get those questions in here over the next couple of days… Great Questions so far btw everyone!]


How much monetary value ($$$) does the Dev team place per natural Mythic troop (Famine, Pharos-Ra, Infernus etc)? This is in consideration with the Dev’s long term goal of 2 Mythics per kingdom + more.


If and when we will see Crafting move further towards being targeted and less about RNG.


I want to know when/if we will get a hotfix to turn the particle effects off and if things like the semi-transparent board and the sidescrolling after battle/treasure hunt in the reward window will still get changed or if all those things will stay with us.

EDIT after Salty’s statment about the particles: Please check these two questions of mine below for updated questions about the particles. The question about sidescrolling and the transparent background remain.


Can you please bring back opening chests 1 at a time (at all number ranges of keys owned), especially for Gem and Event keys?


Please, please tell us what you are going to do about Dawnbringer on defense in the arena?


I would also like to know why things like the particle effect and change in status effects were introduced and what the thinking behind it was (So what was the reason for it in general; why were things like the status effects looking like a mess, and partially covering up numbers not obvious; why were particle effects introduced without an option to turn it off when it was known that even much simpler things like the formerly bright green button flashing yellow caused headaches and migraine in some people).


When is there going to be another mythic weapon available in the Soulforge?


Will The Dragon Soul be getting his own legendary trait anytime soon? You know, something that’s unique and beneficial on offense?


Regarding the new UI update: I would like to know why changes mentioned on Stream/forum (like the placement of the key order in the chest window (gold keys furthest to the left) or the question mark displaying what stones can be found in explore exactly) didn’t happen in the end and why heavily suggested feedback from the players (concerning the percentage value and look of the guild tasks window) was disregarded.


And I would like to know what’s up with the new shop things: Why was the Ring of Wonder nerfed from intended 100% bonus to 50% bonus and what is up with the second legendary bindle - at the time of me typing this, it’s the Dragon Soul bindle, which does not fit in with Suncrest week at all. Is it a random legendary each week or will there be a way to anticipate what legendary will be buyable?


Soulforge question: There was never given any feedback what caused the partial refresh mid-week to happen; we only know that it didn’t happen this week. Was that just a bug or will we get more (partial) refreshes in addition to the announced mythic rotation?

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Lore questions are the most important questions :yum:, so: Can you solve the mysteries of why Princess Fizzbang looks so different from her (assumed) parents and does Khorvash’s Manticore have a nose horn or is it just the perspective and it’s actually on the wing, just showing oddly in the art?


Will you be adding the option to disable the particle effects as it is very distracting? My playtime personally has been cut back dramatically because of it.


Some players were able to change their names and have them be colored. Personally I like this idea, will it be added in the future or will you be removing the colored names from everyone?

Could some (most?) of mono-color weapons (117 weapons!) be boosted to dual color ones (only 52 for the moment)? Mono-color for the Hero in GW is too cumbersome…


No plan to make all Mythics available in the Souforge?


Is there a new mythic weapon coming soon?


Do you plan to increase the cap for masteries?


Will there ever be a way to craft whatever common, rare, ultra rare or epic we want whenever we want and will it ever be gindable?

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