Dev Q&A (Get Your Questions In!) Thursday


When will this round of GW troops be over and released to chests?

I presume they will go in Guild Chests but feel free to correct me. :wink:


Are you going to be altering the event key drop pool now event keys and gems are so rare?
Getting none event troops and stones for a 15 gem cost is pretty inexcusable now.


I second @Ghaleon ''s post.
Vip 5 and upwards should really get a vip key daily since the gem nerfs.
Please consider this, it would make me love you guys again and relieve my anger and bitterness so much. Sorry for being angry and bitter, but vip players are pretty much all angry and bitter!


What are you planning to do about endgame pvp? 9/10 of my 3 trophy battles are against Wisp/Wisp/Kraken or Krystenax/Mab or Forest Troll/Kraken/Kraken/Mab. I have 638 event gems from 240 battles that’s a lot of Wisps, Krakens and Mabs.

Sorry if my questions are repeats I don’t really have enough time to read this thread properly.


Fix the blobs/clusters or whatever it can be called already pretty please. Especially when the same cluster/shape triggers multitude of multiple 4+ matches. It procs too much mana and triggers various 4+ traits multiple times. Not working as intended IMHO, started with Unity, still there, still major factor in game play.

Already there, adding my vote for that. :slight_smile:


Can you make a Warlord V difficulty?


Can you please make death actually frightening again? He’s just rubbish at the moment and he’s a supposedly scary mythic horseman, not a cuddly toy riding a fluffy pony! Seeing as there’s loads of troops that now give deathmark, rework him to do TRUE damage and a necromark. This is DEATH EXCLUSIVE spell that is exactly the same as deathmark but with NO grace period and is black and grey.
@Saltypatra please pass this one on! Pretty please?


Frankly, I’d be fine if they brought back doom and took out necromancy. Doom was actually useful on death and was way more fitting than necromancy for both flavor and functionality. Undying and fortitude mass traiting also directly nerfed death and there was no spell buff to compensate. True damage would be a great start, as well as a better boost ratio as 3 to 1 is lame when we have a 1 to 1 on an epic for less than half the mana.


Can necromancer class get a soul bonus instead of ensoul?


Have more things to buy that aren’t related to RNG so I know exactly what I am buying. We need new armour above deathknight… hint hint


Does Sirrian come up with the new troop back stories while he’s in the shower?


No, probably whilst on the toilet. That’s where man is at his most creative! :toilet:


Lol. I still think it’s an important question that NEEDS to be asked!


Will there be an official API for developers, to get guild-data (Roster) easier for evaluation? Or at least could there be an export-button in the roster if not an API?


Will features from previous games ever make a comeback? Examples: timed puzzle boards to solve, travel from kingdom to kingdom w/random encounters, etc.


Second question: would it be possible to make the daily dungeons, more difficult, lucrative, and interesting? Something like a gauntlet with selectable difficulty where you take your team in, can’t change it, and then have to survive multiple minion and boss battles. Kind of a hybrid of Arena and the current dungeon system.

You could scale the rewards/difficulty to ridiculous levels that would both entice AND challenge end-game players, but have multiple lower difficulty settings so everyone can get something out of it.



Is it Possible to make 3 Tiers in Arena.

1st Tier: 1000 Gold entry fee = No Op Dawnbringer, Runic Blade or similar op weapons as such. Same rewards. Beginners or Casual fun players that just Love Arena.

2nd Tier: 3000 to 5000 Gold entry fee = Runic Blade Max weapon class. Slightly Better Rewards. Mid game players

3rd Tier: 10000 or More Gold entry fee = Dawnbringer Op Weapon Class. Higher Rewards for End game players.

Dawnbringer is ruining the fun out of Arena . i have been playing since launch and this is a kick back mode to enjoy after gw and events. Nowadays PvP is always about mana drains , Wisps or Krakens… i Like my Little Candy Arena runs. But, Dawnbringer appears on first match then 1st turn yeah i get a mana surge then boom loose 3 troops then all enemies are now Shieded. oh and now i have like 10 life left on my Hero. well Retire is the only option left because the second match is another Dawnbringer Ready to Mince me out…

Hopefully this was something that was in the plans for future arenas.?!

Best Regards !


Any chance the developers will fix the ongoing plague of bugs and issues, especially Guild Wars?


Can’t believe that this hasn’t been asked yet:

Do you have any plans to critically assess the current state of the game in the near future? With the recent emphasis on RNG driven components strategy now only counts for 25% of the chance for a winning battle, with sheer dumb luck taking the other 75% (those numbers are obviously my personal experience and estimate). This is in stark contrast to how the game was before 3.1 (or before 3.0). Is there any (internal) evaluation regarding this shift in gameplay ongoing or is this an intentional shift in gameplay design?


Will the Soulforge be reworked to allow colored jewels to focus specific Commons - Epic troops?

Currently, Soulforge has 0 common/rare drops. The ultra rare and epic drops are 100% random aside from their color.

This would help newer players to get the low rarity troops they want as well as late game players to focus on kingdom star levels.