Dev Q&A (Get Your Questions In!) Thursday


Creative enough to play golf?


Will the live stream team ever actually play the end game content like the top 100 Ranked PvP matches to show us how “fun” that is from their end? I sure would like to see the gang take on the Wisp and Kraken army for an hour to see how well they fair and what their thoughts are afterwards :thinking:
I like watching the stream but it’s usually the beginner content and it’s not reflective of the actual game play after level 500 at all


Any plans to Nerf trolls? They are the real op troops in the game at the moment. Even worse than wisps.


Also, please post the video of the stream afterwards. Not all of us can watch it live.


If you check the first post there is the link of video, if you click on it, you will be able to see every old streams


That’s the problem right there, the Developers do NOT play their own game. Have you see how low level their accounts are? They don’t play!



i can’t find first video and the one with Oz but there is last week and this week stream links (salty) (salty and nim)


Any plans to allow difficulty to increase the challenge of Daily Dungeons for end game players and to alter the payout of rewards slightly in proportion?


How do you choose which Mythics will be available in the Soulforge? No plan to make all of them available every weeks?


Will new Mythic weapons (1 million soul ones) be released in the future? If yes, when?


Heads up, I’ll be curating questions in two or three hours.


Can you reply to our GW DruidsGlade issue first? @Saltypatra



I’m not in office today, sorry!


So, you are able to respond here and you are working, but somehow you are unable to do ANYTHING to help a Top 10 GW Guild with a Game Breaking BUG?


Go play your own game and see how broken your creation is!



Oh, late question, how did Impervious suddenly stop working?


Not sure if its been asked, but any plans for a new Puzzle Quest game?


@Hoop Yes, the devs are working on a new game rather than fix the bugs and issues with Gems. :slight_smile:


Are you getting frustrated because Salty isn’t doing more work on her day off?


No, I’m getting annoyed because the developers do not fix the game breaking bugs in Gems of War and DruidsGlade is getting hurt AGAIN in Bracket 1 due to game breaking bugs. Read above. :slight_smile:

Note: We are not remotely the first guild reporting this bug, and this is not even the first game breaking GW bug we’ve seen. It is getting extremely tedious.


Both of the similarly-titled threads were posted overnight, Aussie time. And Salty isn’t in the office today. There hasn’t been a point since those threads went up that Salty could have popped into Sirrian or Nimhain’s office and discussed the issue. She could say that she has passed on the issue to the code team (edit: say it again, that is), but would that placate you/others? It’s still not a solution.