Dev Q&A (Get Your Questions In!) Thursday


Lolz. Look, this is not even the right thread for your discussion points. Post your questions so Salty “can curate her questions for the live stream later”. :smiley:


Um, I am working on my day off. (I check on the forums every day, and a lot over the weekend too, well outside of my already busy working hours.)

I’m doing this now as our stream is quite early and I want everything to run smoothly so we can get through as many questions as possible in our time frame.

Thank you @Grundulum.


Then do something useful, like say you will notify the team or post in the other thread that you all are working on it! Why is the obvious response so hard for you @Saltypatra?

And, while you are at it, why don’t you try actually playing the game and leveling up your character? How long have you been working here? What level is your player character? :stuck_out_tongue:


Not sure if this is too late or has already been asked, but… Would you consider doing another mini-update just focusing on bug fixes and balance changes?


I just replied in the other thread.

My job is social media and community management, it often keeps me to busy to play the game as much as I’d like. But thank you for that lovely remark.


Well, if you intend to manage this community, you should understand our issues and concerns first hand. You should MAKE time to actually play the game. Then, you might understand where the rest of us are coming from (other than your friend Grundulum).

@Sirrian @Saltypatra @Nimhain @Lila36, since fixing our issues is not high on your to-do list, I have a proposal. I will open a player slot for any 1 of you to join DRUIDSGLADE in Bracket 1 GW. You can come play the current meta-game (bugs and all) with us. Maybe this way you will understand the issues you see players complaining about each day. What do you say?



I’ll let you all know the list of questions that will be asked soon. Others in the livestream will also be asked.


I’ve mentioned before that Sirrian and Nimhain test on level 1000 accounts regularly. They play Gems of War everyday.

We are aware of the issues. We want to fix the issues, however, a lot of them are complex and take time. We are currently doing our best to do what we can company wide.


Can I reiterate: please share the video of the Q&A afterwards for those of us unable to watch…


Just thought id ask :smiley:


Do you mean AEDT?


Whatever time is Aussie time. I’ve mentioned that I will be editing the footage into a YouTube video. It will also stay up on our twitch for over a week.


Will it be 10am in Melbourne?


Yes it will.


I was looking at ADT (Atlantic Daylight Time) which is different than Australian Daylight Time :wink: .
Just want to convert in my timezone :slight_smile: .

Will it be an one-hour stream?


Damn that’s 9.30am for me I will have to miss it I will still be asleep


Are there any plans to change the tribute on console to perhaps balance rewards to those that can’t log on every hour to collect them as our counterparts on the Mobile platform can? (I know my friends that play on Mobile collect about 3x more than I do just due to the fact they can play anywhere at anytime and log in to the phone game in a moment to collect then go back to work etc… not so easy with a console perhaps something could be done for the less fortunate).

Along with this are there plans to increase the “possible” tribute kingdom max with 29 (and possibly more) kingdoms now?



The tribute cap is 15 or higher: I got a 15-kingdom tribute last week. With 29 kingdoms, at 26% chance each, the odds of a 16 or higher are 1 in 1257. Even if I were collecting 12 tributes a day, that is three months of collections before I should expect to have seen a 16+.

Now, once we start seeing 9-starred kingdoms, the math changes dramatically. But for now a cap of 15 (or whatever it is) is highly unlikely to impact play in a significant way. You would lose a couple of gems once every thousand plus tribute collections.

Edit: this, of course, is assuming a tribute cap even exists. Has a dev said anything of the sort?

Edit again: there was a question upthread about a mobile app (a la Mass Effect) that would let console players log in and collect tribute. A worthy suggestion, I think.


It shouldn’t happen before a long time… From @Lyya’s spoiler (until February 1st) none kingdom will have the 9th star…
Because you need 19 troops in a kingdom… and on February 1st, the max will be 17 troops in one kingdom.

I never heard about that. There were a few 18-kingdoms records.
But tribute ratio can be tweaked so who knows what it’s going on now…


Okay! Without further ado, here is your list of questions!

  • What are your plans for kingdom reworks and nerfing/buffing troops?
  • Will the seasonal imps be rebalanced?
  • Are you going to change the event key drop pool now that gems are so rare?
  • How often do the devs play GoW? How often do they play the level 1000, fully traited part of the end game?
  • Tasks were nerfed because players could earn gold faster. Now that mana surging on 4 matches has been removed and matches are slower, will these be restored or adjusted to compensate this?
  • In GWs, when are we going to see the troop bonus for defense teams for the best 27 players?
  • All things Wisp. Is it going to be changed, how did it get approved, etc.
  • Will there be an arena re-work in the future?
  • What are you planning to do about Dawn Bringer in Arena?
  • Is there a set number of kingdoms that you plan on releasing, or is the plan to just keep cranking them out over time for the foreseeable future?

Bonus Question! (Because Salty likes it!)

  • The game splash shows 3 companies - can you explain what their roles are and how it works in practice?

As you can see, I’ve merged some questions together. This means we can cover more. If your question was missed (and there were more than a few near misses) feel free to pop on stream and ask then!

Can’t wait! Remember, that’s 10 AM tomorrow morning AEDT, or 7PM EST on Wednesday.