Dev Q&A (Get Your Questions In!) Thursday


Thanks for selecting my questions regarding event keys, I know it’s a bone of contention for so many players now.


that’s a lot of questions that can be answered with no… but I’ll stay positive and look forward to hearing the answers to those questions (and an awesome stream)


Woohoo! I won the Salty bonus prize! :laughing:


What was the prize? A fruit icecream? :stuck_out_tongue:


How will you be answering questions like this? Will it be the usual soon you guys answer to most questions or will it be an actual time frame like for example in 3.2 which we hope to have out sometime in November?


This question wasn’t picked so you will have a chance to ask tomorrow if you’re watching.


I will prefer that Infernal King will be the one with a new 3rd trait :stuck_out_tongue: .


2 Arena questions , no treasure map questions :frowning:️.


You’ll have to find out when Sirrian answers!


Rebalance this
Nerf that
Give me more loot


I’m a little concerned that the Dawnbringer question doesn’t focus on it as an AI defense. I don’t think anyone cares if players can use it themselves, but facing it in battle is rage-inducing.

Also, the 4x speed/rewards nerf question skipped the part about the AI changes to make the player lose more, which took effect when Unity hit. This was also a direct nerf to rewards.


I included this in my original question shortly after you said about it. It’s a valid point which needs addressing.
Don’t understand why it’s been skipped.


Damn that’s going to take forever and I really want to know if I’ll have a timeframe of when GW might start being fun.


It’s actually lots of fun down in bracket 16. The rewards are a bit crap compared to brackets 1 and 2, but there’s a ton less stress.


My other account was in bracket 10 for a while and even though it was really had and I lost a lot it actually was fun. The only time I have had fun in bracket 1 or 2 is a day when I fought Mean Machine and 4 of the people I fought were using creative non meta teams. Around 25 out of my 30 fights a week is either Troll/Kraken/Mab or Wisp/Krystenax or Kraken/Mab.


So no one asked how their anti-collusion measures are shaping up?


Will there ever be a Lone Wolf mode? Which can give ppl that is not a fan of guilds etc a choice to play it single player and still are able to gather resources somehow. @efh313 wouldnt this be nice?

A Different Perspective

I should have added to my event key question…
Will we ever get a bonus event key bundle for getting say, 50 snotstones over the last event reward, or something similar?


So, only 8 questions got 25 likes, and even though this was one of them, it’s not on the top 10 questions list…

Why am I not surprised by this development… :frowning:

@Saltypatra: I realize that being a community manager and acting as a conduit between the devs and a pretty fanatical community isn’t an easy job, but could you just please for once not take the easy way out when a critical question regarding design policy and decision making is asked? Please?


Just a question.

Are your 25%/75% numbers hyperbolic?