Dev Q&A (Get Your Questions In!) Thursday



I assumed this was part of the first nerfing/buffing troops question she listed?


I assumed Darkness was mostly talking about the problems with the gem spawning/clusters issue.


No, my question was about the recent increased tendency to introduce RNG driven mechanics, instead of strategy driven mechanics, like for example buffing Troll gem spawning, introducing Doomclaw (2 x 20% chance for devour), Wisps’s scramble the board, etc… Basically everything that has made RNG luck more important for winning games in recent months… I want to know if that is the gameplay design path that they are choosing going forward, or if strategical decision mechanics will get a revival. 'cause if luck (RNG) mechanics have become the standard for new releases, then I’ll know it’s time to move on. Yet if this is a temporary phase and things are already in the development pipeline to revert to a more strategy driven gameplay experience I’ll know the game will be more to my liking in the future…


Mostly that, yes… :slight_smile:


Ahh, I think you should’ve made that clearer then. I see the RNG issues as directly related to troop design/balancing issues. I don’t think anything has changed with spawning/clusters so that’s struck me as a symptom of other issues.


I guess my question about the spawned globs of gems and how they trigger traits will be answered


Maybe… :slight_smile:
I guess I should’ve just phrased it like this:

Are you currently intentionally releasing troops and mechanics focussed on luck in contrast to the previous situation where strategy was more important to gameplay? And if so, are you currently reviewing that approach and considering focussing on strategy over luck again?

That might have been clearer in hindsight… :frowning:


@Darkness did you miss my question?


Thanks for doing the twitch.

So with Twitch, is there a local copy of the video that won’t have all the drops? It was really tough to hear some answers.


There aren’t five videos because Australian internet is awful… (There are.)


Salty was recording even when the stream dropped out and will be putting a video together without the drop outs.


Here is the image that we popped up in the stream. Woo!

(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]

The part about the 27 players was cut… “Blablabla is not coming” and the video ends here…
And I didn’t catch the “when”.


We don’t have an official date for when the 27 players change is coming. It won’t be in the next update.


But the GW defense rework will be in the next update?
If so, when the next update is coming?

And did I miss the “Dawnbringer in Arena” question?


Soon.TM (:stuck_out_tongue:)


I didn’t catch the stream so if someone could fill in this blank that would be great.


They acknowledged that some weapons are balanced for PVP not Arena and that they will be revamping Arena in the future.


They also said they may disallow certain weapons on defense, though I think they said this may be a short-term measure.