Design a Pet VOTING TIME (Community Event!)


@Saltypatra I humbly submit the following pet suggestions (my apologies for not including images…I tried but could not come up with anything presentable)

Sparkle Pony

  • A white pony with rainbow-colored mane and tail with sparkles arranged to suggest an aura.
  • A male or female model sitting on the hero’s shoulder in a semi seductive pose, looking up into the face of the hero with a mischievous grin and playing with their tail in one hand.
  • A male or female seraphim whispering in the ear of the hero, likely holding a scepter.


A Shoulder Angel/Shoulder Devil pair



Keep em coming people!


OK this is actually my wife’s idea but it’s better than anything I came up with so this is my official not-joke submission even though it is funny:

Pet: Raccoon but it is named “Trash Panda”

I win, @Saltypatra


Your non-joke submission made me chuckle.


THAT IS SOOOOO CUTE!!! I actually thought of White Rabbit wearing that


I had a very bad idea — NWS

Baby Boner (as in Bone Dragon’s Baby)


Baby boner.

Sounds. So. Wrong.



Some homages

the hamster

the two-headed squirrel

Goldfish/Clownfish/Anglerfish/Piranha in a glas bowl

“diligent” groundhog/marmot

the forward-looking meerkat/suricate

hairless aardvark

naked guinea pig


I died. Thats too much xD


I am all for the baby Kraken that sits on your head. Let’s call him Cutethulhu.


So, I found this on the fanart board (per @Annaerith ) and would it not be just the cutest pet ever (with her permission of course)?!?!



I’m rather fond of moose and Ragnagord is the closest troop to fit the bill. I would love to have a pet-sized Raggy for the HO HO HOlidays! I shall name him “Mini Moose”!


How about a pet flu virus that looks like a floating gray cloud?
Maybe it could increase chance of disease.


A mini Mang called Ming so I can have Ming/ Mang to go with my Ying/ Yang…

So I can have equalness when I am using Mang in everything not called Guild Wars.


I proposed a bug named “Bug of War” :slight_smile: . Whatever bug is good, maybe a mite to fit with the official first bug story.
The bug will have a Rambo-like red bandana on the head and an Adana-like heavy machine gun.


Just looked at the Gorbil - OMG it is cute… please a Petgorbil


A pet cow



Yes it is a cow lol

edit… its a bunny


Really digging the idea of it being interactive!