Design a Pet VOTING TIME (Community Event!)


There’s 36 pets.


I believe Baby Zuul’Goth, AKA Druul’Goth, was the most popular of the ones we suggested previously.


Baby Shocktopus… because why not?


Since pets came out, I’ve really wanted a pet Salamander from Pridelands.

As for a name… Sillymander?

Ooh - a pet salamander in a jar lantern could be Jarmander. :yum:


So many posts in and there’s no requests for a mini-Peasant. I’m ashamed.



Bright Forest: butterfly
Urskaya: nesting Russian doll, or nutcracker (from the tale)
Glacial Peaks: small snowman
Blackhawk: parrot
Mist of Scales: snail
Ghulvania: small bat
Merlantis: mermaid
Desert Sands: small scarab


Or baby slave.


A pet computer bug with baby mongo.


A baby Doomskull named Gloomy. Since it’s cosmetic it should be animated, any time the player gets a miracle cascade it should laugh, any time the AI gets a miracle cascade it should weep.


I need another cat


I would like a cute little Wallaby or a fierce and cuddly Tasmanian devil or a Sugar glider.


This Australian creature must be in I guess.
In Spanish is called > Ornitorrinco, -el-ornitorrinco-1

And is sure one of the most strange animals in the world.

And who don’t want a Dragon Egg on the shoulder


So I’m confused, do you submit an idea by just pasting it into the random noise here? Is there a submission form so you can tell my actual idea from the joke ideas?



‘Stego’, the baby Stegosaurus.


So there you go.


I wouldn’t say no to a mini Vader on my shoulder.

Complete with higher pitched heavy breathing.


Tank Tot 200
A little pocket watch robot guy. That’d be awesome.


How about a pet of the Hero? And it’s called MiniMe XD


Puppies :dog:




Tasmanian Devil




A Moustache’d Tortoise with a one way mirrored shell…

A Clown Sloth

A Six Legged Belt Sander With a Green Mohawk