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Design A Pet Process (Cat Dragon Rough Colours)

Once again, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated in our Design a Pet community Event. :slight_smile: As we know, the winner was the Cat Dragon!

Our artist has been hard at work and the Cat Dragon is underway! Here are the rough concept sketches she’s been working on. :cat2: :dragon:


EDIT: 10/7/18

Here are the rough colours!


More progress coming soon.



Sketch number 1 definitely


Love number 1. I need it now.

I have to go with #2, so adorable! <3


1 is perfect. 2 has too much dragon, not enough cat. 3 is hilarious :smiley:


Number 2 seems more in line as to what we have so far but 1 would be a better choice to be a bit different. I can’t exactly describe it, but the face on 1 seems silly, maybe it’s the mouth or the fact it looks like it is trying to eat a large potato chip.

I like number 1. Number 2 looks like a triceratops, and number 3 looks constipated.

Have to go with 2, best concept of both cat and dragon

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I think 2 or 3 will fit better on the avatar shoulder

I’d say 2 because it would look like it’s trying to play with the hero’s hair

Think #1, It’s cute.

#2 best, #1 second (in my mind). :smiley:

They all need more cat and less dragon. Although #3 does look like Grumpy Cat Dragon.


I will vote for #2. Love it! :slight_smile:


I like 2 but I am more biased towards the dragon part than the cat part so of course I do lol.

I like #2 because I like dragons and it looks the most like a dragon. Also #1 and #3 would look odd on the hero’s shoulder.
I do actually like #3 more than #1, though. #3 definitely is the one radiating the most personality, if you ask me. So depending if positioning or personality are more important, #2 and #3 are both viable. #1 is just not for me, I guess.

I vote for #2. :slight_smile:

#2 is so cute!!

I vote for #1. 2 is too much dragon for me.

Vote for number 1.