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Design A Pet Process (Cat Dragon Rough Colours)

#2, but make it more cat.

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#2, grudgingly.

It certainly looks like Cera from Land Before Time, but I prefer that to the way the belly scales of #1 go all the way to the mouth.

v2 is the best 4all time :slight_smile:

i love the second but the third is fun, it’s phlegmatic like a big cat, I like too

Draw it however you want. But the name better be Ministet! :wink:


Number 2 is the best drawn one imo, that would get my vote :+1:

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I vote 3 because he clearly hates mondays.

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2 for sure.

2 looks great

Anything but 2 because it doesn’t look at all like a cat, just a baby dragon. Add one vote to whichever of 1 or 3 has a chance of winning.

#1 is my favorite, but I would be okay with #3 as long as he is named “Grumpy Cat Dragon”. #2 is all dragon, and no cat, so a firm no on it (even thought it is adorable).

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Is anyone else getting strong Gargoyle feels from #2? Like, if Bronx were to have gargoyle puppies…:heart_eyes:

Also, I do agree that #2 is my favorite concept, but it needs more cat.

I vote for #1 since it looks like a better hybrid of a cat dragon.

Just give the model in #1 the pose in #2. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Easily number two. But my reason completely defeats the point as it’s due to it being all dragon and no cat :roll_eyes:

#2. Both 1 & 2 look good but I like the concept of looking more like a dragon with the cat stance. Need to make his butt wiggle a bit while he’s contemplating the perfect moment to pounce.

I really don’t like the face of sketch one, although the body pose is the best.

Overall I like #2 most!

Also, just a thought, but since this pet is going to be resting on the shoulder, I think you guys should definitely go with the pose of #2 (no matter what design you pick) and have it put both paws out (leave the one you have, and then have the other one slightly out, but the paw raised up a little bit more) so that it would look like the cat dragon is kneading your shoulder.

I MEAN would that not be the CUTEST?!

1 cause, 2 is just a lizard, and 3 is a bunny dragon.

It’s butt would also be pressed up against your face in the process :stuck_out_tongue:

Be honest @Ozball you draw the 3rd?