Design a Pet VOTING TIME (Community Event!)


As I announced on Stream earlier today, we are having a Design a Pet community initiative!

All up the Design a Pet event will take 3 weeks. In the first week you will all have a chance to send in your suggestions. Then, there will be a week break while we collate our favourites. After that, there will be a final week for everyone to vote for their favourite idea in a big poll.

With this competition,we want to reach as large a portion of our playerbase as possible. As such, the competition will be run across all our social media. Feel free to post your suggestions here, on Facebook or Twitter. (Just make sure it’s either on our page or @s us!)


This initiative will have no formal prizes like a competition so that everyone, no matter where in the world, can get involved. Upon the completion of the designed pet we will send out a copy to everyone who plays Gems of War. We are also going to be documenting the design process of the pet and showing you the preliminary sketches through the final artwork.

Please be aware that the pet will only be cosmetic in nature. Now, without further ado, get suggesting!


Maybe I’ll call it Maybelline?


Why not? XD


I’m thinking an owl named L’Oreal. Say it out loud, it will make more sense.:wink:


I want a baby rocket or baby yao


i submit this masterpiece to be a pet ingame!



Tacet must be training hard to keep that
Body in shape


Let’s have something with Doctor Who reference.



I wanted this pet to buff Dwarfs. :persevere:
But I guess it works as cosmetic as well…


Aha. So my guess was close :smile:


-Flying Fish


Tacet pet when?


A pet kraken a baby one that is on the Hero’s head instead of the shoulder…like it’s hugging a skull.

“Had to rephrase that more than once it didn’t sound"right”.


Oh! a mini cthulhu!



So we can try to give good ideas, lets see.

Mini bull :joy:

But I have a friend on discord who really need to participate lol. The green creature.


:rofl: :scream:

Just a beginning, But sure a mini gnome is something we need. A mini gnome in the shoulder telling you what is good and what is bad lol.


I think it would be cool to have a little mini robot as a pet, (sorry if there’s already a robot pet).


I say baby kraken, a baby vampire bat or a baby boar.


Baby Goblin
Baby Pharos-Ra
Baby Gorgotha
Baby Sirrian/Luther


+1 to Baby Gnome. Or a mini-Valraven.

Also: how cute would Baby Gorgotha be?


Gotta catch them all!

However I allready collected the first 32 pets released. I wouldn’t mind a pet that wasn’t a pokemon though. But if devs insist they all must be pokemon, I would vote for a (Mini)Muk.