Here's an idea Devs

For pets since we are not getting a lot of gnomes why can’t we just have them to craft with pet bones or even have them created like we can with troops

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Pet bones? A little morbid

Pet parts any better? :joy:

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I like it, Pet Necromancy!

kinda like turning extra pets into pet food :male_detective:


I ‘rescued’ three Minishrooms today even tho it is mythic because I need the food. I’d feel better if it had been Leafette, Feyrie, or any of the cats. Poor little Minishrooms.

Still, Puddlings gotta eat, same as the Orc.

The best part about rescues is that they take end gamers about 8 to 10 minutes to complete, so that gives 50 minutes to explore or do events before heading back into the bush to hunt more Gnomes.

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What do you think is left over when we turn their flesh into Pet Food?

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That’s perfect. I’m actually on board, now.

“remains” would fit as an appropriate word I’d figure.


If I can carve up an extra Guppy for 1 Blue pet food, how much do you think 755 copies of Frostling would yield? I also have 14 extra copies of ‘not my queen’ Mab to throw in the proverbial pot.

Asking because Dr Sno and Shrinx are stuck at Lvl 15, and Minnow at Lvl 10. Too many Blue pets, not enough food. I guess I’ll just have to put more gold into Epic Purple tasks. Not enough gold either tho.

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just like you do in pokemon go with rare candies

Puddling and slimeball have bones?
(I would also be surprised if a squid, caterpillar and mushroom have bones, but at least looking from outside that’s somewhat plausible)

There are anthropomorphic bears and they talk?