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Pet Gnome spawns a pet the player has NOT completed

Hi Gang!

Since there is an increasing number of pets in the game. I would like to suggest a feature to help the active player get more pets.

When a player kills a pet gnome, the pet that is spawned should only come from the pool of available pets that the player who killed the gnome has not Mythic-ed. Then of course if a player has all available spawn-able pets at mythic the pool would default back to all.

The idea here is to reward the people that play the game without making a huge change to the way pet gnomes work, how often they appear, or where they appear


I guarantee as stupid as this sounds it’d create some weird niche where people who are missing one specific pet agree to join a guild and after X LTs are purchased, they grind out pet gnomes to help the guild get copies of that one specific pet. There’s no level of weird that gamers will not ascend to.


I agree, except I think you mean “descend to”.


Great idea.

If it were exploited, there are ways to mitigate that. For example, making it a 50% chance of being non-Mythiced rather than totally non-Mythiced or totally random.

What I don’t know is whether this is even on their radar. And while occasionally a particularly apt suggestion will catch the devs’ fancy (and there’s no way to know which will do it), it’s far more likely that they don’t even see that there’s a problem. :slightly_frowning_face:

Still, I’m happy to see more posts get as much traction as possible!


As I said in the other post:

Please for the love of god do this.

In the past 16 hours (most of which I was asleep for) I have spawned 4 pets. Of those 4 pets, 1 is 1 I need more of.

In the 48 hours prior to that I spawned another 9. Of those 9, 2 I needed more of.

There are ~100 pets in game atm. We need no more copies once they are mythic, as the only thing they are good for after that is more pet food. Please make it so that if we trigger a pet rescue, it is 1 of the pets we need. If we have all pets available in the pool at mythic, then open it to all pets again, as we need none then anyway.


This would be incredible. The odds of having a useful pet will continually decline towards zero. Definitely less than 10% of pet rescues are useful to me for anything more than pet food.


Can’t see this happening especially now that pets can be offered in Daily Deals.

Well, pets that can contribute to current kingdom power levels anyway. Some of us never get them in Daily Deals for this reason :frowning:

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