Soulforge Idea

Just an idea that popped into my head after the “games” debacle where there were work arounds to get into the dungeon but not everyone seen it in time to do yesterdays dungeon. What if we could make the dragon stones in the soulforge? Like we do for diamonds, ingots or book of deeds. Use things like souls and pet food. Or diamonds and souls and dragon soul troops… or any combination that could work… IDK just an idea hopefully some others find it appealing… oh another idea would be pets in chest like troops and goodies… sorry for the rant and multiple ideas. Scatter brain is real.


Sounds good. The pets in chess sounds good, but won’t that pet gnome be out of a job? For me he doesn’t show up much anyway. :thinking:

Yeah it would make him less important but still important to the game nonetheless… it was just an idea like i said. Trying to help the big guys get some new ideas. Or maybe make a weapons chest. Where you can trade in extra troops ( anything after they are fully upgraded and more than 4) so you can get cursed gems or dragon gems or a rare weapon you dont have. Just ideas. Might make the game less appealing to some. They don’t need to implement any of them. Its just nice to discuss ideas with other players.

Stuff in the soulforge tends to be a lot more pricey than the regular ways to get it. To a certain degree, that’s reasonable (although for example in case of medal transformation, it makes the feature pretty much useless).
One ingredient, you can be sure would be required for dragonite, would be cursed runes, most likely in a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio. Diamonds at 20:1 sound likely as well on top of it. And maybe celestial traitstones.
Remember, at the current state, dragonite is a ressource, that has only one purpose with a definite endgoal. There might be more to come, that requires it, but until then I would not be as concerned. If you are in a hurry, you can go with the daily dungeon shop. Will effectively still be cheaper than whatever ends up in the soulforge.

Oh, and about pets… 50-100 colour-matched food plus 10 cursed runes per piece?

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