A Idea for the new dungeons

Alright I know everyone is excited for the new Gems of war soulforge and dungeons! So I have been thinking that since atleast one of the developers helped create puzzle quest “Which was awesome btw” Why non make the dungeons alot like puzzle quest 2 was with random Wild AI encounters where if you lose a card it’s gone till you use some in game currency to revive them in dungeon only I feel this ability to take control of your hero would make players feel like it’s a real adventure. Battles would still be the same except knocked out cards would have to be revived each battle leading up to the bosses would have a small chance to drop a jewel and all troops would have slightly more stats than players because they are wild and feral. The dungeon features could be RNG and there could be Random chest placed throughout of all current types based off difficultly chosen. Also dungeon entry could cost gems to enter because higher players have alot of extra gems, glory, and Gold it’d be a way to control excess amounts. Also a way to break up minor and Major traitstones into a new item called Elemental extact which can then be used at soul forge to craft needed traitstones, weapons and cards. Please everyone leave your opinion,but no trolling. Maybe togeter we can make the ultimate gems game

OMG paragraph indention please! My eyes! My eyes!
But yea, dungeons or some kind of gauntlet mode would be cool.

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