Two flies with one stroke?

So maybe an idea to do something about the surplus on souls for high level players and the shortage on diamonds.
I suggest we get a thingy in the soulforge were high level players with a surplus on souls can transform them into diamonds. That way they can finally do something usefull with those souls… :thinking:

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I would have treasure troops for souls! I think diamonds would be way too OP, because mythics aren’t that rare anymore after some time :grimacing:
But doing something with souls in general would be cool. And since it is hard to upgrade the hoard of the delves, because of lack of (good) treasure troops, hat would something I would like :relaxed:

Edit: Also have in mind to see the sight of the devs. I think they do a big amount of money through mythics (gems etc). So if you have a free option to farm diamonds, then they will lose this save amount of income, because every player would just farm 24/7 souls and crafting diamonds/mythics.

But we already can forge diamond with shards

Try to read everything please! The idea is to get rid of souls lying around and doing nothing. :thinking:
And how much diamonds are those shards bringing you? :thinking: 10/1000… :sob: That ain’t very much either is it? :woozy_face:

Try to understand the objections, please. For your idea to work the exchange rate would have to be utterly horrible, like 1 diamond for 10k souls. Otherwise players would just be sitting on piles of unspent diamonds instead of unspent souls. The game doesn’t want you to own everything after a day or two of grinding.

I wouldn’t mind some global hoard to boost the stats of all pure faction teams, powered by souls. Cost should probably follow a square function similar to the current gold cost, requiring several hundred million souls to max out.

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I which universe do you live? A day of two grinding? :astonished: I don’t know how many hours a day you “grind” but in my experience it takes a lot longer then “a day or two” to build up a substantial surplus of souls. :neutral_face:

Why not souls for gold? Something like a 100:1 or 50:1 might be decent exchange rate

In a universe where grinding 100k souls just takes a few hours. :stuck_out_tongue:

At some point, you’ll have a surplus of everything
Basically, you’re just asking to get there faster


I just want some soul forge weapons that costs souls already. I’d settle for recolored versions of Dawnbringer for every color variety…

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I’d much rather be able to transform them into something useful, like orbs.

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Perhaps they could be used for guild boosts for specific events or specific levels of player (IE +3 to atk boost for players in X guild for delves or PVP if you’re lvl 10-20). Just throwing out some random not had enough coffee yet thoughts.

Lol at all this. I’m with the poor little people in this one. Wow, you higher level guys are my heros! I’d love a surplus of souls hahaha, you lucky people

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I have nowhere near an excess of souls. It sounds like a good idea and I was merely presenting a thought I had for it. Dunno what level you are or what your troops are like but from what I understand, late game there’s not a lot to spend souls on.

I’m 10 levels away from the 1k mark, and I still have a dire need for souls.

Edit: I’ve also had the celestial armour equipped since like day 15 of me playing

Level 1195 and still countless used for plenty of souls

Lvl 11xx is mid game at best

Yeah, ok mid game, yet I still beat all the pvp ai guys and hardest matches I get so I guess it’s at “MID GAME” that you’ve finished pretty much everything. Interesting mid game definition

Disagree about the “mid game at best reply” somewhat rude